All Access Pass: Gibbzmatik At Webster Hall

The super sexy combination of Gibbz and Gramatik proved to be an unstoppable force of bootylicious funk, and with labelmates Branx, Exmag, and Illmntr rounding out the night's lineup, this show was one for the history books. Originally scheduled for Thursday night at SRB Brooklyn, Gibbzmatik had to change venues due to extremely high demand, and good a thing too because Friday night, Webster Hall was packed to the teeth with a whole swarm of fans excited for this unique mashup of musical talent.

Epic live music vibes were in full effect from start to finish, Illmntr taking the stage first with mellow guitar and bass vibes, and vocals being thrown down by both halves of the feel good duo. Webster Hall's twinkling LEDs and heavenly spotlights seemed to cast a spell over the crowd, making them move and give themselves over to the groove.

Event Preview: Snarky Puppy at The ARC
The New Sound of Rock 'n Roll

Have you ever felt what it's like to be on the cusp of something huge? Something that, if nurtured, encouraged, and let run wild, will be bigger than anything you could imagine? Well, take a listen to Capital Moustache and their wall of imagined sound and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. With the self-release of their debut album Double Ghost, Capital Moustache tears through established genres of sound and have built a fiery, powerful space all their own. The best part is all of us are welcome to live there. It's time you met the new sound of Rock 'n Roll with it's pioneers Steve Discenza (lead guitar), Tom Matarazzo (rhythm guitar), John LaPolla (bass), Jim Roden (drums), and Leann Kalpakis (vocals).

Turkuaz Deliver Fiery Funk on 'Zerbert'

The sweaty energy of a tightly packed club, the scent of beer, and the vibrations of cranked amplifiers aren’t easy things to capture on a studio album. However, rising Brooklyn funk troupe Turkuaz translates this experience gracefully. Largely the brainchild of frontman/composer Dave Brandwein, the 10-piece’s new record Zerbert is a pulsating, musically lush experience that’s almost physically impossible not to move along to.

Intro track “Smarter than the Speaker” immediately invades your ears with a bombastic aural assault led by Brandwein’s rapid-fire vocal delivery. Complemented by shouty backing vocals and driving musicianship that travels in every possible direction, you’ll realize that Turkuaz waste no time drawing you into their relentlessly energetic funk party.

Live: The Bright Light Social Hour

Isn't it such a drag when you finally see a band live and all you get is them standing around, playing their disc verbatim? You could have just as well sat at home, popped in their album and stared at a picture. At least then you wouldn't have to wait in line for the bathroom...

The Mercury Lounge, NYC, saw no such performance when The Bright Light Social Hour took to the stage. The eruption of energy that surged from the stage was suited more for a tripped out jam band concert than a rock show. Almost every track was strewn with solos and anticipatory build-ups, turning the atmosphere in to a vibrant dance party and sweat-fest. Bassist, Jack O'Brien, held down the funkiness every step of the way with popping grooves reminiscent of the Rapture mixed with a bit of John Paul Jones.

TV on the Radio’s Nine Types of Light Explores Love and Simplicity

After a year long hiatus, TV on the Radio’s (TVOTR) latest album, released April 12, features musings of the heart at its center, providing an entirely new perspective from the rock group that is so customarily attentive to cultural critique.

Nine Types of Light showcases TVOTR’s persistent experimentation and cultural subversion at its core, but it contrasts the band’s most recent highly-acclaimed albums, Return to Cookie Mountain (2006) and Dear Science (2008). It translates on first listen almost like serene pop/r&b meditation but the production reveals a deeper tone: the simplicity of the lyrics (still reasonably mutinous) mixed with the variant reverberations, effects, and genre play, display a minimalist quality that speaks volumes to the complexity of restraint. This is most evident on tracks, “Keep Your Heart,” and, “You,” where vocals range from an almost sung-spoken baritone to ethereal falsetto, juxtaposed with a gracefully simple mesh of instrumentation. "Second Song" is a call to listeners and lovers alike to “shift their minds to the light,” while pulsating drum beats and resounding trumpets keep the keen ear alert. “Will Do,” the first single released off the album is reminiscent of TVOTR’s signature style, and is probably the finest example of the synthesis between TVOTR’s complex production abilities and their new love-themed direction because it compromises the two musical identities most evenly.


Full from thanksgiving dinner? Had enough mashed potatoes? Eat your weight in stuffing and grubbing? If yes then YES you are ready for Funk Buffet! A nutritious and delicious mixtape hot n fresh out the funk oven! It's a sly combination of disco, funk, and 80's. It's basically a funky funky mix of disco deliciousness. Get yourself a copy and make a plate!

Stream it live!

Also...does anyone know whats happening at art basel? I'm very much jealous that half of my friends are packing it south to Miami this weekend. I heard its way better than the winter music conference. Ugh I wanna go so bad but whatever. I'll just be here in New York City doin the dang!

¡SUENALO!: Sounds of Miami

If you're a regular at places like Transit Lounge and Jazid in Miami, then you've definitely come across Suenalo (otherwise known as Suenalo Sound System). And if so, then you know you've danced, you've grooved, you've appreciated - and you've ultimately had a good time.

The nonet that originated in Little Havana in 2002 is a melting pot of their own in the diverse city of Miami, with members from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela and the U.S. Suenalo has implemented these cultures through their own music and, in turn, amplified the true sound of Miami.

City Breeze

Herro! Welcome to City Breeze! Your inside guide to the hippest happenings in New York City. Now no matter where you are you can feel the flow and get involved! I am New York City's flyest and newest DJ Breezy B! I will be your eyes and ears to all underground events and sounds in the city. You will have a play by play of al the crazy shenanigans that go down every weekend. Like how last friday all I wanted to do was see z-trip but somehow ended up with a bottle of makers mark at a warehouse party deep in brooklyn. Or about the time me and the girls accidentally wound up at a party with Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg, and how we magically got escorted to the front row of the performance. Lets just say, I go out. A lot. So much that I am a mother effing professional. I follow music. I love music. I love and live New York City & I will prove to you that music today has never sounded better. I want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and hope you are all thankful. You should be because your alive. Please find time in your day to be thankful and find a moment to put your hands up and say "I'M ALIVE!!!" gobble gobble gobble.

Boston’s Weekly Gigs: November 17th – November 22nd

Café 939, Boston, MA

  • Wed 11/17 – Dr. Mekko
  • Thur 11/18 – 1pm- Elana Brody, 8:30pm- Greg Laswell & Harper Blynn
  • Fri 11/19 - TFDI Tour, feat. Tony Lucca, Jay Nash and Matt Duke

Church, Boston, MA

  • Wed 11/17 – All These Elements, The Sound of Growing Up, Stromata, Sonic Titan
  • Thur 11/18 – Bonerama w/ Nate Wilson
  • Fri 11/19 – Dreamtigers, The Year Million, The Luxury, Grass is Green, Roman Traffic
  • Sat 11/20 – Lemuria, Young Leaves, Dan Webb and the Spiders
  • Sun 11/21- Whiteshoebrownshoe
  • Mon 11/22 – Brittany Kennell, Trent Freeman, JP Crew