C5 Redefining the Game of Beer Pong

Calling all beer pong lovers! The game is about to take on a whole different meaning. Say hello to C5, the company revolutionizing the way beer pong has been played since freshman year of college thanks to their custom beer pong tables.

Joseph Mollo, C5 Founder, began his journey in his garage where he decided that cheap plastic tables wouldn’t cut it anymore. That’s when he took to designing a table worthy of the game. This resulted in a stellar looking table that could hold up, even in the midst of the most intense beer pong games. As seen to the left, the table includes a new shot to the game as well as raised ends to allow for cup and ball storage. C5 is now the largest producer of custom beer pong tables. From bars to college frat houses to your own garage, C5 hopes to make those awful foldaway tables a thing of the past.

Missed the One Day Sale of Google Glass? Don't Fret

Earlier this year, an Ohioan man reported being the suspect of piracy while wearing Google Glass to an AMC theater. While, watching the newest Jack Ryan movie, "Shadow Recruit," he allegedly was accosted by an FBI agent who forced the man to upload the device’s contents onto a computer to prove he was not recording in the theatre. An AMC spokesman said in a statement at the “a device that has the capability to record video is not appropriate at a movie theatre.”

Happy World Sleep Day!

"If we were meant to pop up out of bed, we'd sleep in toasters" - Jim Davis, Creator of Garfield

Are you a morning person? Haha! Just kidding... we found that funny too. We are about as pleasant as a bunch of vampires with a paper route in the morning. Which is why today, the 7th Annual World Sleep Day, might just be our favorite holiday. And as we do for every holiday, we are here to provide you with some of the best ways to celebrate. So forgo the boring pillow, forget about the flannel pajamas, and enjoy these one-of-a-kind sleep approved gadgets on this holiday of pure ecstasy.

Introducing Opulus New York's Alcantara iPhone and iPad Cases

Lamborghinis ooze luxury, style, and class. While these sports cars are beautiful and sleek on the outside, their interiors provide a sensory experience only a material like Alcantara can produce. This suede-like fabric, used for seat coverings in luxury vehicles, can now be found in an unexpected place: iPhone 5 and iPad covers.

Made by the company Opulus New York, the stylish cases feature a swatch of smooth Alcantara material, which is soft to the touch, breathable, durable, and fade resistant. As part of the company's Excecutive line of iPhone 5/5s cases and SleeveStand collection for iPad Airs, the products are clean-cut and feel wonderful, making your Apple technology look like a classy business executive with cash to burn.

Pixmob Will Turn Tiesto Fans Into Lightshow

On February 28th the legendary Tiesto will begin his DJ residency at Hakkasan Las Vegas, and with a little help from PixMob, the show will offer a whole new experience. Not only will a light show be presented on a screen behind the famed DJ, there will also be one in the crowd. How is this possible?

PixMob has crafted a LED bracelet that will allow fans to generate wireless video effects just by sporting them on their wrists. Using infrared to send instructions wirelessly to pixels worn by members of the audience, the technology of PixMob will bring a rainbow of color upon the crowd. Each audience member will be given a bracelet upon arrival, allowing lighting directors to produce a light show on a whole new canvas, as they change the colors of every single bracelet from their computers. The light show will be in sync with the music giving the crowd a whole new visual element to party to.

Epson Releases Worthy Competition for Google Glass

Google Glass is the most hyped piece of technology since the iPad, but the product itself is still an impractical purchase for most people. Yes, it’s lighter and sexier than anyone would expect a computer strapped to your head would be, but it’s also the cost of a month’s rent and much less practical than a smartphone.

Luckily, for those who are interested in the tech more than the fashion statement, the widespread interest in hands-free tech has enough love to go around. Epson, a company that already had AR glasses on the market before Google Glass, has released a new, much more practical version of its Moverio BT-200.

Smell-O-Vision Is Coming To Life!

Next the oPhone will make its way to The Lab Cambridge in Boston for a special public demonstration that will take visitors on a walk through Paris using only smells from the oPhone.

Hopefully if it all goes according to plan, the oPhone will be available for commercial use by the end of 2014!

Avegant's Glyph: The Future of Entertainment

This fancy looking headset is a multi-entertainment device that transforms from a ordinary headset for easy music listening, to a futuristic headset that allows you to view movies and participate in gaming by simply fliping it over your eyes. Things just don't get much cooler.

Sugar Might Be The Future For Batteries

If these batteries made of sugar take off we could find ourselves with batteries that would be cheaper, bidegradable and refillable.

One place we wont see these batteries is in the candy aisle. Even though they are made of sugar they are certainly NOT edible!

Introducing the Celluon evoMouse

For all the children of the tech generation who dub wires as a thing of the past, do we have some good news for you! Introducing the Celluon evoMouse, looking to make your basic mouse an obsolete tool. With the evoMouse your finger is the pointer. This little gadget can turn almost any flat surface into a virtual trackpad.