Soundproof That Annoying Friend

Unattractive object right? Hey, looks aren't everything. You'll be thrilled to have this when the awkward friend of the group wants to start karaoking at the adult New Year's party.

If karaoke is an every weekend kind of hobby for them than you might have an issue. Needless to say, don't think your friend will notice what kind of microphone it is if the drinks are flowing.

Just hand them this soundproof microphone and even the most tone deaf entertaining-ish person will bring in the new year with the perfect tune.

Lucky Number Seven

Microsoft is now going the personal route and might be getting a lot more users soon because of it. Nine new handsets were just revealed this morning by Steve Ballmer for the Windows Phone 7 Global Portfolio in New York City. Ballmer stated, "We focused in on the way real people use their you're in, out and back to life."

The new software is what's really new with its 'live tiles' look. Without too much nerd talk, the live tiles give the phone a more appealing look when streaming photos or contacts and other tasks rather than just using the individual applications.

Windows Phone has consistently tried to make interacting with a phone a unique and elegant design filled experience. With nine more handsets, looks like the company will have nine more ways to continue that tradition.

Scoop This

So you have a friend in town and you have no idea how to entertain them. Stress less and just download The New York Times Scoop iPhone app. The Scoop makes it easy without having to research anything ourselves. It gives you options for the best sifty fifty restaurants, top shelf bars, notable events and even where you can find the most scrumptious cup o' joe.

Now relax and go spend that saved time finding an outfit for the weekend's festivities.

When Your Boss Isn't Looking

Who says you can't still act like a kid once you've entered the real world? The scratch-n-scroll mousepad is just another version of doodling but for adults. Think you'll get in trouble? Get over it--your boss probably has one already.

iPad It For The Holidays--Do It Early!

Apparently those geniuses at Apple never sleep. Fresh off the release of the iPhone 4, Apple is already planning for a new mini iPad and the iPhone 5. Hopefully the iPhone 5 will resolve a lot of the antenna issues from the iPhone 4! Release is supposed to be early 2011!

The current iPad users of the world are probably still infatuated with their iPads. But this user will admit it is a little bulky when one is being sandwiched on the subway. The new iPad Mini is supposed to be 7 inches and should arrive in early 2011.

Some new iPods are coming down the pipeline too and should be released very soon. Most notably maybe a new iPod shuffle with a 1.7" touch screen.