NYC: Your Weekly Party Fix

When: 6:30 – 9:30pm

Where: The Empire Hotel Rooftop, 22 West 63rd St.

When: 7-11:30pm

Where: The Vault at Pfaff’s, 643 Broadway, Manhattan.

When: 9pm-4am

Where: Sky Room Times Square, 330 West 40th St.

When: 10pm – 4am

Where: XVI Lounge, 251 West 48th St. New York.

Performa 11 Fourth Visual Art Performance Biennial, November 1–21

The Performa Arts Organization is doing it again with Performa 11. This biennial cuts across all artistic disciplines, taking place at over 80 venues throughout New York City and presented in collaboration with a consortium of over 40 arts and cultural organizations. Performa has succeeded in curating the nation’s first and only biennial with a focus on live visual art performance. Featured presentations by over 100 of the most exciting contemporary artists, including 12 Performa Commissions by acclaimed artists from around the world. Works such as Liz Magic Laser I Feel Your Pain a constructivist-style “living newspaper” restaging America’s recent political contestations as a romantic drama. Ben Kinmont An Exhibition in Your Mouth, a six course menu of recipes ranging from a Futurist dish to cheeses based on Sol Lewitt’s “Forms Derived from a Cube.” And of course the Performa After Hours being held at Gallery Bar for late night drinks and conversation involving art, hedonism and impromptu performances, with the artists, curators, and organizers of Performa.

Home Cooked: Exclusive Interview with DJ Flo

Sitting across from Brian Thurm, aka DJ FLO, at posh hookah lounge, Le Souk, you’d never suspect that you were talking to an upcoming worldwide sensation. Wearing a Throbbing Gristle t-shirt and fitted jeans, FLO is far from most of the pretentious disc jockeys found in New York City. And with his down to earth attitude, gorgeous green eyes and cute smile, his success was, well, inevitable.

He began his career in the 6th grade, with DJ Jonesy! after realizing how much he loved hip hop. “In the late 90s, the hip hop movement was huge and because I grew up listening to it, I’ve always had beats in my head. Even at a young age, I remember beating on things.”

They'll Serve Me, They'll Serve Me Not...

You can't spell RAID without I.D. Last month, the NYPD launched an aggressive crackdown on a number of nightlife joints in the Lower East Side, for the repeat offense of serving alcohol to minors, causing business hours in the neighborhood to mirror that of a bad relationship: on again, off again.

Max Fish, Los Feliz, Mason-Dixon, and Gallery Bar have been the profiled subject of attack so far, fined and forced to shut down until court-ordered resolutions ensue. Los Feliz and Mason-Dixon fall under the umbrella of LES mogul, Rob Shamlian, whose portfolio also includes Spitzers & recent Brooklyn invasion, Spritzenhaus. Shamlian and famed Max Fish owner, Ulli Rimkus's bars have spent the last month mired in settlements and court-ordered notices, the latter reaching an agreement just last Friday. MF, the cultish, legendary haunt, was granted the right to operate with rigorous security and a robust fee over the weekend -but only after a long and lonely week in the dark. (We'll hold you, Max Fish.)