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Up Close and Personal with Armin Van Buuren

Contributions from Katherine Ferolito

Miami was buzzing with excitement as Ultra Music Festival 2011 was in full swing. Pulling up to The Gansevoort Hotel, the chic tourists in Panama hats and high-end swimwear had been replaced with fist pumping teens in neon outfits and barely there bikinis. With the bass from the night before still bumping in our heads, we headed up to the private suite where Armin Van Buuren was holding his press interviews and preparing for his highly anticipated Ultra Music Festival performance happening that night. While his legions of fans waited for him to take the stage in just a few hours, Joonbug sat down with Van Buuren to talk about his upcoming performance, his world renowned radio show, and the empire he has created.

New Year's Eve 2011 At The Louis!

For New Year’s Eve 2011, raise your hands (or your glass) in the air for an all-out mind-blowing celebration in Miami. Don’t measure Louis by its size! Louis boasts a more intimate setting than the mega-clubs but it packs enough heat and intensity to conquer the entire beach. Start 2011 off right and enter the world of Louis, a decadent fantasy of nocturnal delights that will surely have you shouting Viva Miami into the next century.

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Kendra "Safe" At First Miami Book Signing

The adoring masses and reality junkies gathered Saturday at the surprisingly posh book signing of one of their favorite “Girls Next Door.”

Kendra Wilkinson of E’s “Kendra” and former Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend chose the Gansevoort Hotel in Miami Beach, as her first Florida book signing for “Sliding into Home,” her personal memoir.

Lifestyle Retreat Lounge organized a jam-packed event filled with mojitos, catered food from STK Miami, free spray tan (no joke) and a professional photo booth to spend an afternoon as a true model just like Kendra.

Louis Gives Life to Thursday Nights

If you're looking for South Beach's best Thursday night party then look no further than Louis at the Gansevoort South Hotel in South Beach. The nightclub features décor that can only be characterized as Paris meets neon complete with Delacroix replications on the wall. They describe their Sub Pop Collective Thursdays as "A Dance Society for Organized Chaos." Louis Dee is the resident DJ and will be spinning all night if you're interested in a different take on the typical Thursday.

UK Brand Lipsy Hits Stores Stateside

One of the UK's hottest street fashion labels, "Lipsy" has officially moved to the US. The spring/summer collection of party dresses were unveiled at a presentation yesterday at Provocateur in Manhattan.

The brand could not have picked a better venue to showcase their line. Provocateaur (located in the Gansevoort Hotel) was the perfect sexy backdrop for a line of minidresses and suggestive necklines. The afternoon event took on a tea party theme that was whimsical and full of monogrammed cupcakes - the perfect place for Alice... if Alice were very, very naughty.

Louis Reigns Over Miami Nightlife

2325 Collins Avenue at Gansevoort South
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Under the blade of the guillotine, Louis XIV lost his head along with the crown-jewels of France in the flash of a light. Miami got them back! Under the glimmer of tantalizing pink and silver chandeliers, Louis serves as the pinnacle of South Florida's most elite nightclubs. Notably the "hardest club to get into," only South Beach's most elegant and well-known will be permitted to enter the palace gates through The Gansevoort Hotel's manicured velvet ropes.

Miami Mogul Dominates Social Scene

Under the pretense of a moveable marketing campaign, real estate mogul and Apprentice star Katrina Campins uses her former employer's advice to seismically shakeup the industry she reigns over at only 25 years old. In Miami, real estate and namesake mean the difference between being affluent or simply average. Campins certainly has mastered both creative talents by maintaining a fierce network of awe-inspired developers and contractors while eminating charm and charisma which characterize the now-famous Campins surname. Under the direction of Apprenctice producer and development tycoon Donald Trump, Campins graces the nightlife of Miami not to enjoy pricey cocktails at such aristocratic destinations as the Gansevoort South, but to procure prospective clients and woo young executives with her Fifth Avenue designer garments and flashy jeweled accessories.

Bien Dans Sa Peau

One of the first things that DJ Erick La Peau said to me when I met him (and I almost missed it) was "I'm very soft-spoken." While the duration of our conversation certainly confirmed this, La Peau's message is loud and clear: "I want to take the world by storm," he says. And by the looks of things, he's well on his way. La Peau has all the discipline, wisdom, and (of course) talent to accomplish everything he intends to. P. Diddy himself requested DJ La Peau to spin at his 29th birthday party, and La Peau played for Prince at the Benefit Life Concert he hosted. Not too shabby at all. Best yet, even though La Peau is routinely recruited to play for the hottest celebrities worldwide, he's a normal guy and watches lame TV shows just like the rest of us. "I've been DVR-ing shows a lot recently," he says, "like Vampire Dairies and For The Love Of Ray J. I'm hooked."