The Glenwood

There's a bar on the north side of town just right off the red line stop that’s a nice low key spot. It's a spot the locals know as The Glenwood.

The Glenwood gets its name from the avenue it's built on--an old brick road a relic from times long since past. The bar itself has an old brick facade, giving the impression that it maybe from the days of bootleggers.

The joint is divided into two rooms: the entrance is where you'll find the bar. The long hard wood alcohol trove runs along the right side of the room, along a wall painted as yellow as the sun. The other side of the room is painted a contrasting purple. It's a bit reminiscent of one of Bill Cosby's sweaters.

A Vlada Fun

Everything about Vlada Bar—fittingly located on West 51st Street in Hell's Kitchen—guarantees kitschy, fabulous, fun times. With over twenty different in-house infused vodkas, New York's only 30-foot ice bar, tasty get-the-job-done food offerings and a list of always entertaining, oftentimes weird events that'll make your head spin as fast as the bartenders' tailor-made martinis, Vlada is a must-see for New Yorkers looking for a decidedly different bar experience.

BAR 721
There's Something for Everyone at Bar 721

Walking into 721, the first thing I noticed was the abundance of men. They were everywhere; at the bar, dancing in the middle of the room, playing pool in the back. The best thing was, they were all gorgeous. This single bar held the most beautiful set of men I had seen in south Florida. Taking a few more steps in, I noticed a bright spotlight in the back of the room. It highlighted a young 20- something guy dancing on a stage. Wearing nothing but whitey tighteys, his perfect six-pack glistened in the spotlight. "That's weird," I thought to myself. Usually there are half naked women dancing on stage, not men. Then it hit me. "Are we in a gay bar," I turned to ask my friend.