A chat with 'The Street Is In The House' artist Carlos Sampietro

Carlos Sampietro, born in Lake Como, Italy, moved from the advertising industry to the arts. Don't worry about getting bored while looking at his collection, "The Street Is In The House," is truly unique. Sampietro's motto for the exhibit is "There is beauty in something that has been in the street for so long."

Pictured above, is one of Sampietro's police barrier tables. The artist wanted to bring something that is normally scary and used to separate people, and turn it into something that will bring people together. Many of his works use similar elements -- transforming an item from the street into something beautiful and something that makes a statement about society.

Zach Braff: Gay? Not Today

Zach Braff's Website has the actor confessing to be a member of the gay community. News to us...including Zach Braff!

"My old website got hacked. I'm still straight...But not too straight; I still love musicals, brunch and Doogie Howser", the 36-year-old star tweets. Ironically, the site has not been updated since 2006. Awkward. As you can clearly read from the image above, "Zach" claims he is going to explode in emotions if he doesn't let the world in on his homosexuality. The note was so cute, it was thiiis close to being believable. Almost. Damn, we at Joonbug could have thrown him a "Coming Out" party too.

He Said What?! Tracy Morgan Shocks with Homophobic Rant

So not funny! Reports claim that actor/comedian Tracy Morgan was booed and bashed after a stand-up routine in Nashville, Friday 06/03/11 went out of hand. Comedy patrons were not prepared for the hateful tirade, whether or not he's joking, the 30 Rock star was spewing out against the LGBT community.

Unfortunately, not all members who witnessed the fiasco were disturbed. In fact, they actually followed up his insults with cheers, audience member Kevin Rogers (from Truth Wins Out) says. Alas, this is not-so-liberal Tennessee.