Gotta Keep The Faith

Seems like George Michael has driven recklessly for the last time. Michael was officially sentenced today to eight weeks for drug driving. Michael found out at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court that he will be headed to prison for four weeks and under the supervision of the probation service for the last four.

You'd think that any other Joe Schmo would have gotten the slammer much sooner. Hmm...maybe Michael was just keeping the faith for a bit longer.

George Michael Busted in London

Singer George Michael was busted in London this week for being "unfit to drive by drink or drug." In so many words and in a British accent, he was a trifle wasted. This isn't the first run-in with the law this year for the 80s rollover. He was nabbed earlier in the year for crashing the same car into a building. What's next?

A Date With Tom Mark

Fashion designer Tom Mark is the man behind the infamous Mark Wong Nark line. The line, named after his father who passed away 15 years ago, is responsible for clothing stars Tyra Banks, Cameron Diaz and Kim Kardashian. His line has appeared in music videos for Madonna, George Michel and Paula Abdul. Denise Richards dodged bullets while wearing his leggings in the James Bond movie "The World Is Not Enough."

Originally from Thailand, Tom moved to Los Angeles when he was seventeen. His older brother recognized Tom's raw talent and pushed him toward fashion school. Tom enrolled in FIDM and it was there that a designer was born.

The Crystal of the Denim World - GQ Magazine

The Jean Shop

Well I have a favorite belt, yes I’m blogging about a belt. I’ve had this belt since college and trust me that was many many years ago. Anyway, The belt is worn in just right. It's a dark brown heavy leather belt which has been worn to a point where the belt now looks light brown and weathered. It's just beautiful and perfect. The problem is, it's torn in the back and now my lovely belt needs a replacement.

I was at the Apple store on 14th street and walked the block for a cab and passed by the Jean Shop. This place is amazing. Jeans and jackets hang on the wall in all shades of leather and denim, belts and shoes in display everywhere. They offer any style, color, wash - whatever you like in jeans.