New York and D.C. Are Just the Beginning: DJ George Garcia

Beneath the curved brim of DJ George Garcia's beige hat and above his modestly low-cut t-shirt and half-zipped coat beams something that you can see plain as day from the dance floor of any club as you peer towards the DJ booth, or even in a low-key conversation here in the Joonbug offices: A smile. "You’ll never not see a smile on my face," he boasts. "That’s how I was raised."

Coming from a boisterous Spanish family and background, Garcia has always been involved in parties and family gatherings, and, frankly, always around a crowd of people. "I plug in my music and my dad jumps up and starts dancing and grabbing people out of the crowd," he explained about a family gathering, which usually turns "from dinners to parties" fairly quickly. His upbringing, too, led him to experience all types of music, from Spanish to Greek to heavily drum-influenced tunes, which, in turn, allowed him to pick up the snare drum in the high school band.

Feature Artist Profile: Amerie

“It sounds like a cliché, but I always knew I was going to sing. I always knew that music was what I was going to do." -Amerie

So far, Amerie Mi Marie Rogers a.k.a. Amerie has had a more than modest career. She has sang alongside rap legends Nas and Fat Joe. She appeared in a major motion film (First Daughter alongside Katie Holmes), and with three successful albums already under her belt, the talented singer has been rumored to be readying her fourth album, “In Love & War”, which should be out later this summer. Her latest single, “Why R U," was released earlier this month and has already received good feedback- securing her spot in the R & B world. Amerie has had quite a few hits, including, “Why Don’t We Fall In Love,” from her 2002 debut album, “All I Have." Her second album, “Touch,” spawned her biggest single to date, “1 Thing," which was certified platinum in 2005 and also resulted in several award nominations. Her third album, “Because I Love It” was released in Europe in 2007.