Oktoberfest Brickell

When one thinks of German-American culture, perhaps the last place that comes to mind is Miami, and for a foodie, trying to find a good German eatery, delicatessen, or bakery in Miami can be like trying to find an English-speaker in Little Havana. While sourcing good German sausages or baked goods might be a no-brainer in other places like the Midwest or Pennsylvania, it can be a daunting task in a city where chorizo, in its various incarnations, is the sausage of choice and the pastelito reigns supreme. Nevertheless, Miami does love its celebrations no matter what culture they pertain to, especially if they involved drinking, and every year many of the German-esque bars and eateries in the 305 do their best to recreate an authentic German Oktoberfest experience. While many of Miami’s Oktoberfest celebrations can be a lot of fun for the beer-swilling crowd, many celebrations can seem identical to Saint Patrick’s Day events - just swap out the green for blue and white, and add a lot of sausage. For a lover of good food, or just someone who craves authenticity, Oktoberfest in Miami has usually been a disappointment until Brickell Bier Garden brought Miami a true taste of Germany this past weekend.

Oktoberfest with Michelin-Starred Chef

We all love any holiday that gives us an excuse to eat well, drink heavily, and abandon ourselves to debauchery. While Cinco de Mayo is the time for scarfing down tacos and taking shots of tequila, and we all become just a little bit Irish during St. Patrick’s Day, October is the time of year when everyone embraces the German traditions of good beer, nourishing food, and all-around merry making that are Oktoberfest.

This weekend, the heart of Miami gets ready to become very German as the historic Miami Circle is converted into the Brickell Bier Garden. From Friday, October 5th, to Sunday, October 7th, the historic site marking the birthplace of our Magic City will be transformed into a traditional Bavarian biergarten complete with German beers, foods, music, and games.

Now Brewing: Andaz Launches Biergarten

Andaz Wall Street is going all out this summer. First they launch their farmer's market...and now, a biergarten! The new biergarten is now located in the courtyard adjacent to the hotel and will be open Monday through Saturday from 2:30pm until 9pm. The fifty-seater biergarten is offering up a selection of German beers, including Franziskaner and Spaten Lager, as well as local brews like Red Wagon IPA and Capt. Lawrence Liquid Gold. 14 oz. beers will sell for $7, half liter for $11, and liter beers for $16. Pretzels and sausages will soon make their way into the mix, as well.

Move over, Loreley, you've got some new competition in town.

Das Boot: A Perfect Union of Binge Drinking & Glass Footwear

Forever immortalized in Broken Lizard’s Beer Fest, the beer boot is a unique breed of alcoholic drinkware that stands alone atop the podium of imbibing royalty! Varying in size from 40oz-80oz, das boot is a legend amongst men. While its reputation certainly precedes it, one must ask: how does one effectively incorporate das boot into a night of casual revelry?

The answer, friends: impossible. Unleashing this frothy leviathan on unsuspecting masses forcibly conscripts any and all involved into immediate binge drinking. When the glassware is overflowing with the frothy ambrosia, one can’t resist the allure of their “Cinderella moment." This glass “slipper” ensures a fairytale ending of rapid intoxication, and the correspondingly brutal hangover. Therefore, one may now be asking: what would possess someone to attempt the Everest of all drinking endeavors?

Das Boot: German Beer Tasting Tonight

Head to Loreley Williamsburg for a German beer tasting tonight at 7pm with beer expert Rudi Eilers. Learn all about different types of German brews, taste nine different beers, including special winter classics.

Soak it all up with an authentic three-course German dinner, featuring mixed salad, sausage platter, sauerkraut, mashed taters, and black forest cake. 'Cause honestly, nothing says German like wieners...but there will also be veggie options available.

Tickets are a shockingly low price of $29, buy them here!

Dance Into May With a Cold Beer and German Sausage

With the past two weekends flooded with rain weather, celebrate this coming weekend’s springtime weather with Loreley’s 8th Annual MayDay Party at Loreley Williamsburg on Saturday, April 30th.

Admission is free and the party officially starts at 3pm with a variety of different German sausages and 12 imported German beers including Maibock specials. At 7pm, a free keg of Gaffel Koelsch will be tapped and DJ Volkaracho will kick off “Tanz in den Mai” (which means “dance in to May”). Come and check out Williamsburg’s Loreley branch and enjoy sitting at long wooden tables with friends and perhaps, even making new friends.

Wurstkuche: Downtown Los Angeles

Cuisine: Gourmet & Exotic Susage
Price Range: Inexpensive

If you’re a fan of Pink’s Hot Dog, you’ll love and quite possibly ditch the former, for Wurstküche!

In the art district of downtown Los Angeles, Wurstküche, German for “sausage kitchen”; offers affordable ($5.75-$6.75) and exotic gourmet sausage links on freshly baked rolls.

This exotic menu consist of a predator and prey combination: alligator/pork and rattlesnake/rabbit infused with jalapeno peppers. I promise it tastes much better than it sounds. To bring forth that original sausage taste; top these weenies off with grilled onions, mustard or spicy peppers. For the more conventional type, stick with their classic Bratwurst- fine cuts of pork, coriander and nutmeg.