Get Your Summer Body Ready With These Top Yoga Gear Brands

: This LA based yoga brand tests their clothing out on real yogis so you can rest assured that their tanks and pants can withstand any pose. Made with only Eco-friendly materials, Alo has tanks, bottoms, dresses, sports bras, accessories that come in cute pastels.

LOLË: Not only do they sell great quality yoga clothes, but they also have yoga blogs, meet ups and community chats on their website for yogis of all shapes, sizes and abilities! While you're there check out their new line of all white yoga clothes that are perfect for the summer.

Cameron Diaz Shares Lifestyle Secrets!

With the New Year in full swing, Joonbug, along with many of you, has made resolutions and plans to live a healthier lifestyle. Helpful tips to effectuate these plans are most welcome.

Whenever you read about an A-list star and are about meet them, sometimes you wonder if they will be cordial and if they are genuine. Joonbug can say right here for all of New York City to read that we were blown away by Cameron Diaz and her vibrant demeanor. She not only was nice enough to answer our questions about the new book, but even offered some healthy ways to implement kale into our meals.

The basis of The Body Book is that Cameron wants to reinforce that being healthy and feeling great isn't about crash diets and starving yourself. In order to have optimum health you need to feed yourself nutritious meals and also keep active. She admits that this may take effort and time on your part to cook healthy meals and keep moving, but that it's a commitment that she has decided to make.

Workout this Winter with Ryka

At the end of every autumn many of us have a tendency to fall (pun intended) into the same routine. We pile on the clothes, and with that comes the pounds. It is cold, so we don’t want to go to the gym. The holidays are here, so we make a few more exceptions to our diet regimen than usual…Well this year let’s break the cycle! With Ryka’s super warm, cozy, and stylish winter workout apparel you can make it to the gym in the most frigid of temperatures. Don’t rush to get your summer body back a few weeks before spring break; don’t make another New Year’s resolution. If you invest in some good quality, warm workout clothes you can maintain the hot body you were proud to show off all summer!

Ellie: Fitness Wear for the Fashion-Minded
Work Out In Eco-Friendly Stlye

Working out can seem tedious and too difficult to fit into your hectic schedule. It's hard to find motivation to get started on the treadmill and lifting weights. However, new Eco-friendly workout gear can help give you the motivation that you are dreaming of!

More and more companies are starting to save the environment. Asana Green is just one of these companies dedicated to creating comfortable, Eco-friendly workout clothes. Asana Green's yoga gear is organic, sustainable, and one-of-a-kind.

Molly Sims Hosts Lavanila Bootcamp in NYC

Recently, Joonbug had the opportunity to meet up with former famed Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue” model and Las Vegas actress Molly Sims and Lavanila Laboratories in Manhattan. Celebrity Trainer Brooke Marrone joined Sims and the fashionistas of NYC in leading a one-hour boot camp workout session at Sephora Times Square to put Lavanila’s Healthy Deodorant to the test.

Monster Cycle at Equinox Gym

Equinox is not just a gym, it’s a lifestyle. The fitness space sets itself apart from others in New York City by developing a brand that promotes health, fitness and lifestyle. A unique concept, just like Michael Macneal’s “Monster Cycle.” When one walks into a Spinning class there are only a few things to expect: music, a bike, and an instructor telling you to keep pedaling. Now, imagine walking into an Equinox Spin class and there’s a projector in back of your instructor that’s playing the latest Lady Gaga music videos. One might call the “Monster Cycle” a cardio clubhouse. Dubbed the Spinning “Messiah” by the New York Post, Michael Macneal takes his Spin classes to the next level by incorporating music video set-list classes to his routine. Arguably, the most fun workout class you will ever experience. The various up and coming music videos on the projector suck its audience in. Macneal plays a various mix of upbeat music videos that sure gets the crowd going. He also plays personal mixes of whatever music he's feeling at the moment. It’s like being at a live concert while pedaling! Michael Macneal sat down to talk with Joonbug about his concept and how wonderful it is to work at Equinox.

Get Fit with Basis

With spring here many of us have fitness on our minds! Joonbug heard about this ultra-cool fitness band called Basis and wanted to learn more! You wear Basis on your wrist and it helps you decipher which activities burn the most calories, tracks your heart rate, and gives you insight into your fitness routine and overall health.

This lightweight, sleek, and easy to use device can be taken anywhere! For the fashion-minded there are various color options including vibrant red, black, or white. Basis serves as a fitness watch, but really does so much more! For $199, it’s the first device that has the ability to tie your movement, calories burnt, sweat, and pulse together. You gain insight into which activities burn the most calories for you and how you can alter your fitness routine for maximum results. The device can actually save you time and money, because you can see which workouts work best for you (if you've invested in a gym membership). Basis also believes that a few key concepts can help you change your overall health and mood; adding walks, getting proper rest by setting, and sticking to, a reasonable bedtime, and that it's hard to manage what you can't measure. This device has changed all of that.

Both "techies" and fitness lovers are really digging this new wave of fitness gadgets.

Karlie Kloss is Official

During the live tweet, Karlie answered questions like what she does to keep in shape (she's always on the go), how she feels walking down the VS runway (intimdated but tries to be confident), her guilty pleasures (sea salt caramels), her favorite color (purple), and much more.

Congratulations, Miss Kloss—we are looking forward to seeing you work it and your to-die-for haircut EVERYWHERE!

Drink Green

Fergie's tour rider has been known to include "green juice." Radiant beauties such as Jennifer Garner and Emily Blunt have also been spotted on the streets from NY to LA sipping green. Mogul Russell Simmons is also a well-known advocate of healthy juice. Possibly, that's how those Victoria's Secret models stay so svelte?! Alessandra Ambrosio also enjoys her green juice.

While recipes vary, one thing is for certain. These green juices contain live enzymes and getting a full serving of vegetables in one juice and in one day is certainly a positive. Remember, how your parents would tell you to "eat your vegetables." Well now, in one fell-swoop or one fell-sip, you can drink them!