Giano Does One of a Kind Italian

The restaurant undoubtedly draws patrons in with their incredible homemade pasta dishes, but they can wow you with more than just pasta. Giano boasts creative appetizers, such as Crocchette di Ricotta e Tonno (tuna and riccotta corquettes), outstanding PolPette al Pomodoro gratinate (meatballs), and Asparagi Gratinati (asparagus with fontina cheese). Each dish stood out on its own and made us excited to try what was next.

As mentioned, Giano is quite well known for their delicious pastas. With eight different selections to choose from it can be quite a difficult choice. Stand outs include Gnocchi ai 4 Formaggi (four cheese potato gnocchi), Ravioli di Spinaci e ricotta (spinach and ricotta ravioli) and Bigoli al ragu d’agnello e noci tostate (thick spaghetti with lamb ragout). The gnocchi was so good it melted in your mouth and had the perfect consistency. The bigoli was so unique and fun, while the ravioli was a real winner. You can't go wrong with whatever dish you choose.