Top Places to Buy Last Minute Gifts

Being in your 20s is all about procrasitination, whether it comes to finals, planning vacations, or buying Christmas gifts. Sometimes money is tight, but usually the adrenaline rush of doing things down to the wire makes procrastinating almost worth it. If you still haven't done your Christmas shopping yet, not to worry: here are places you can go both on and offline where you can get unique, creative presents at a reasonable price.

Every year, this temporary miniature village pops up in the space behind the Library on 42nd Street. There are dozens of small shops that have hundreds of craft products, jewlery, and more. If you get cold, there's always a booth for warm snacks and hot cocoa. If you want to go skating in the rink, just be prepared for a long line. Warning: the Winter Village does get crowded, so plan your expedition for the late evening or the morning. There are other similar villages in Union Square and Grand Central Terminal, if you don't find what you're looking for.

Gourmet gift ideas

Finding gifts can be tough, even when you love the people to whom you're giving. There's always that one person on your holiday gift list who leaves you stumped. Whether its because they're difficult to please or they're just not particularly interested in anything, such a quandary can be frustrating. Since pretty much everyone loves food, it makes a pretty safe bet as a present. So if you're looking for inspiration, skip the fruit cakes for fresher ideas and give your friends and family one of these 6 awesome food-related gifts.

Zagat Dining Card

Pop into any drug store and you'll be overwhelmed with gift card options. Even though gifting a friend with a free meal is always nice, it tends to come off a transparently last-minute. The Zagat Dining Card is still a great quick gift option as all you have to do is select the value of the card online and email it to the recipient, but it trumps standard gift cards because it gives your friend the option of eating at any off the hundreds of fabulous Zagat-rated restaurants.

Gift Guide for The Frugalista
From Ew to Mmm: 5 Cooking Classes for the Culinary Impaired

So you weren’t born to cook—not everyone is that lucky. If this sends your boyfriend running, he was probably wrong for you anyway. A good man is patient and will wait for the vast improvement in your cooking after you take these classes. They do not guarantee miracles but you’ll definitely extended your personal menu with some delightful additions.

Rebecca Goldfarb’s mentality for culinary classes stemmed from the idea that cooking, as well as eating, should be a social experience. Cooking should not seem like a job but a time to share, enjoy the people you know and love, and just have fun. The Social Table is located in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan and offers both private and public classes, which tend to sell out fast. There is currently a waiting list in place.

Foodie Gifts for the Foodie Mom

Moms are special people and even more special if they can cook! Our moms make our favorite meals on our birthdays, the perfect chicken soup when we’re sick, and she bakes the cookies that holidays wouldn’t be the same without. This Sunday is Mother’s Day, the day when moms all over the country get served breakfast in bed and you actually need to do your chores when asked the first time. So what’s the perfect present for the mom who loves to cook and has passed on her love of cooking, or just eating delicious foods, down to us? Here are five great ideas for the foodie mom in your life!

Scenetracker's Official Gift Guide

You've been here before. Your office's Secret Santa exchange is underway, and once again you're stuck with the creepy guy in Accounting. Or you've checked off all of your family members' names from your list...except your wild and crazy cousin. Or maybe you're just looking for the perfect gift for your significant other.

Joonbug's got you covered. Whether it's for the bro pack or the travelbug, we've come up with our best bets for a great gift-giving season. Just find out what your unsuspecting recipient is into, and we'll take it from there.

Flowers in her hair - Flowers everywhere!

Flowers have been an emblem for Mother’s Day every since Anna Jarvis, the holiday’s founder, sent 500 carnations to her West Virginia hometown roughly 100 years ago to honor moms.

This year, flowers are popping up everywhere in fashion. Ladies all over are wearing flowers in their hair, pinned to their clothes, and even on their shoes. Why not let your mom in on the trend? This Mother’s Day, send your mama a flower she can leave the house with!

If you’re only looking to drop a few dollars, head to Forever 21 for a 4 inch diameter fabric brooch, available in black or dark purple.

A Little Lovin: V-Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – SATURDAY – and if you haven’t gotten your special someone a gift yet, hopefully some of these ideas will provide a little inspiration.

Alright guys, we are sure plenty of you have a girl who loves handbags and accessories in general almost as much as she loves you. So for Valentine’s Day this year we thought we would help you get her the perfect gift. Coach, Juicy Couture and Louis Vuitton have love-themed key chains, scarves and coin purses starting at $30 and ending at $450.