HBO Girl's Volume 2 Soundtrack

Lena Dunham is all the rage these day, and with being the star and creator of the quirky and indie comedic HBO masterpiece: Girls, it is quite warranted. Dunham took home the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Comedy and Girls also won for Best TV Comedy.

There is not another show on television quite like Girls. Dunham tapped into a very specific space and boy, does she move in it oh so well. Aside from her unique writing and genuine humor that pushes the envelope while being a pretty damn perfect depiction of what 20-something college-grads trying to find themselves experience in our society today.Girls is also known for some kickass tunes. In case you need a refresher, Volume 1 included songs from Robyn, The Troggs, The Vaccines, Fleet Foxes, Lia Ices, Belle & Sebastian, Oh Land, and how can anyone forget: Icona Pop, among others.

Controversy Surrounds Lena Dunham's Untouched Vogue Photos

Although Lena Dunham looks beautiful on the February cover of Vogue, editor-in-chief of the feminist blog Jezebel, Jessica Coen, offered up $10,000 for the untouched photos of Dunham. Coen’s reasoning behind wanting the photos is to show how Vogue digitally alters their photos. Coen explained herself on ablog post on Jezebel, “Her body is real. She is real. And for as lovely as the Vogue pictures are, they’re probably not terribly real.”

Coen didn’t want the photos, shot by Annie Leibovitz, just to show how Dunham really looks without being digitally altered because as Coen wrote, “Our desire to see these images pre-Photoshop is not about seeing what Dunham herself ‘really’ looks like; we can see that every Sunday night or with a cursory Google search. She’s everywhere. We already know what her body looks like.” Coen’s point in wanting to release the photos was to show that Dunham didn’t need all the photoshopping that she claims Vogue does to actresses who appear in the magazine.

Fashion News Now: Jenna Lyons becomes one of the 'Girls'.

A new season of the HBO hit series 'Girls' is geared up and ready to go, and fans got a nice surprise in a 1 minute trailer featuring a familiar Lena Dunham and J Crew President, and Creative Director, Jenna Lyons.Lyons is no stranger to the already classic series, and admits that to de-stress, she curls up to glass of wine and and a couple episodes of the the hit show. One thing's for sure, we'll be looking forward to a guest appearance that is sure to rock.

Girls Cast Changes For Season 3

Girls creator Lena Dunham made it clear she does not rely on her cast of male actors, nor does she buckle when it comes to decisions about her show's characters. Former castmember Christopher Abbott left the show after the close of Season 2, for seemingly that reason. "As far as his character, he wasn't behind where it was going to end up," a source told Us Weekly earlier this month.

New Soundtrack from the hit show "Girls"

Not only has HBO's hit comedy series, "Girls" recieved Golden Globe noms but has proved to be the breakthrough comedy of the year. Just in time for its anticipated premiere of the second season on January 13th, the release of "GIRLS – VOLUME 1: MUSIC FROM THE HBO ORIGINAL SERIES,” is out in stores today and via digital storefront!

Released on Fueled By Ramen, the soundtrack features new and exclusive tracks from an array of artists including the Grammy nominated boys from fun., Grouplove, Icona Pop, and on the digital only Deluxe Edition you get an exclusive track from Tegan & Sara. The brand new Santigold track “Girls,” is the soundtrack’s lead single.

Austin City Limits Oct. 8-10: Get Your Festie On

Well Joonbuggers, it's that time again, Festie time! This time we are preparing for Austin City Limits. This is one of my favorite festivals of the year, not only because Austin is home, but also because it might be one of the most musically diverse. We are seeing some of our electronic, oldies, Texas country and pop favies this year. Here is what we were looking most forward to.

If you missed our ultimate preparation guide for a festival, please click here to get the scoop on how to get you and your group ready for a weekend of music.

Post-Break-up Paris Goes to Rehab, Celebrates Vanity

Paris isn't letting the dissolution of her 14-month relationship with Doug Reinhardt get her down. This is the second time we've seen the heiress in Las Vegas in the past few weeks.

It was during her last trip here that the rumors regarding Paris' supposed relationship with Kim Kardashian's ex Reggie Bush surfaced. The two both were at two Vegas birthday parties that weekend for Mark Sudach and Jason Strauss where they apparently shared champagne and more But eye-witness Robin Leach assures that the couple didn't even speak to each other, and I'd believe Robin if he told me Johnny Weir was straight. That's how reliable he is.

Predicting the Party: Joel McHale & Donald Glover

This Friday, April 30 Community stars Joel McHale and Donald Glover are performing at Mandalay Bay. These two hysterical hotties are both on my list of future boyfriends, so I obviously have spent a lot of time thinking about where to best stalk them during there time here in Sin City. I actually met Donald once, too so I already have an ice breaker prepared. He told me I was a "sexy Fievel" for Halloween, words which I cherish and shall be proudly displayed as my tombstone epitaph. I also know Joel is happily married with two kids, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?

The Lost Weekend is Where You'll Find Pavement This Fall

After a ten year hiatus, Pavement has not only returned to the music scene but is returning to Las Vegas.

The celebrated indie label Matador Records is celebrating their 21st anniversary this fall right here on the Strip with a three-day music festival. Most details surrounding the event are still unknown, but we can tell you that the event is called The Lost Weekend and is sponsored by Goldenvoice and FYF Fest. The event will run from October 1-3 and is sure to be filled with some of the hottest names in alternative and indie music.

Girls Expand Dates of U.S. Tour

The San Francisco indie-pop, all-male foursome known as Girls will be expanding the dates for their U.S. tour. The band has quickly risen to concert headliner status after the unquestioned success of their debut album, Album, which is rife with the once stifled expressionism of band leader Christopher Owens, who spent his childhood with the controversial Children of God cult.

The “overflow of expression” that was released on Album continues with the music video for Girls’ latest single “Lust for Life.” After being pressured by their label to produce a “clean” music video, the group reacted to the pressure by making their own “Hardcore XXX Edit” which features, among other scenes, a man singing the lyrics to the song into another man’s penis as though it were a microphone. Shockingly, the band has revealed that this is a “cleaner” version of a video that they originally made to the label’s pressure.