Oscars 2014 : Let's Talk Fashion

With Ellen as host, and a list of nominees so impressive, Oscar night 2014 was set to be a fabulous affair, and it did not disapoint. Filled with all the right amounts of laughter, sap, and pizza, the show pulled on our heartstrings, inspired us, and even whet our appetites.

As always, Glam Damn It kept a watchful eye on the fashion, noting all the successes and cringing at the failures. Although there were hundreds of contenders, here are our top and bottom choices from the night.

Borrowed From The Boys: Miansai Add's Women's Collection

If by now you haven't heard of Miansai, it's time to get familiar.

Debuting in 2008, the jewelry line—brainchild of founder Michael Saiger—uses such materials as French and Italian leathers, 14K and 18K gold, sterling silver, and military-grade ribbons and ropes. The raw, organic, and unpretentious aesthetic the line exudes pays homage to the nation's rich military history and nautical influence, while remaining thoroughly modern and relevant. Rugged yet refined, the ease at which the handcrafted pieces transition from day to night, city to countryside, and even the beach (the brand is based in Miami) is the genius in the line's allure.

Sample Sales to Satisfy your Spring Shopping Needs

Tax refund burning a hole in your pocket? DL1961, Scoop, Wendy Mink, and Otte are just a few of this week's sample sales sure to satisfy all your Spring shopping needs!

When: Today, April 23rd through tomorrow April, 24th: 11am–7pm
Thursday, April 25th through Saturday, April 27th: 11am–8pm

Where: Scoop Meatpacking 430 West 14th Street

Why: Steep savings on designer closet staples; prices ranging from $19–$129.

When: Today, April 23rd through Thursday, April 25th from 10am–7pm

Noteworthy Nail Trends for 2013

Whether it’s nails dipped in “caviar,” glitter, or splattered with polka dots or animal print, the sky’s the limit when it comes to nail art in 2013. Nails are making a bold statement this year and there’s a multitude of hot trends showing up on celebrities and being offered at local salons. Gel or shellac? Square, round, or pointy stiletto nails? These are just a few of the latest options in nail decor Here are 10 hottest nail trends for 2013.

Stiletto: Pointy stiletto nails are the latest trendy nail shape, in which nails are filed into a point. To achieve this look, you have to apply acrylic nails or have long natural nails. Although this is a cool look, it isn't quite as functional as some of the other nail fads trending right now.

A Day Of Indulgence At The Fontainebleau

It's a beautiful thing for anyone who seeks out the good life when spa month and restaurant month coincide. It's an even better thing when you can experience a spa day and a gourmet dinner all in one place. Miami's top resorts have been known for having some of the nation's best spas for quite some time, but now that the foodie movement is in full force, it seems as if luxury hotels have also become the destination for epicurians seeking out some of the city's finest meals. For those of you who are addicted to enjoying life's finer pleasures and have an affinity for a good deal, August is the month to be in Miami when Miami Spa Month and Miami Spice overlap, and there are fewer places more adept at satisfying the most seasoned spa aficionados and ardent foodies than the Fontainebleau Resort on Miami Beach.

Watch It: Summer Timepieces You'll Love

Looking for the a timeless accessory to enhance your carefully planned summer ensembles (or lack of)? Find the perfect watch for your summer look -- whether it is sophisticated, sporty, or somewhere in between!

Philip Stein's all-white watch is technically only fashionable during the months of summer, so get shopping and pair it perfectly with all your hot summer outfits. It features a dual time zone so you know the current time at your vacation destination, as well as the time back home. The ceramic white case and strap have a light, cool feel --perfect for the heat wave. The watch also features Natural Frequency Technology, providing health benefits such as increased focus, improved sleep, and better overall well-being.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Kiddie Couture

Dolce & Gabbana
have taken a step down (in clothing size that is) as they launch their first children’s collection this coming July. According to WWD, Gabbana described the styles as being a mini version of their signature designs where there will be around 1,300 pieces in the collection from inner and outerwear, to swimwear, to accessories and footwear. The collection even includes designs dedicated to baptismal ceremonies. When describing the religious ceremonial pieces, WWD quoted Gabbana saying, “This is a homage to Italy and to our tradition. It’s part of our culture and marks one of the most important moments in our lives.”

Sarah Jessica Parker's Fashionable Fundraiser For Obama

Last Thursday traffic stopped on the streets of the West Village as Barak Obama and our First Lady, Michelle Obama, arrived at Sarah Jessica Parker’s brownstone townhouse for a fundraiser in their honor. SJP and her fashionable counterpart, Anna Wintour, hosted dinner for 50+ guests including a-listers like Meryl Streep, Aretha Franklin, Andy Cohen, Michael Kors, and Olivia Wilde.

The guests wined and dined for $40,000 a plate to show their support for Obama in the next election, as well as show off some fantastic styles. Parker played up her Sex and the City fashion sense in a lace ¾ length cocktail dress and some glitzy accessories including a studded necklace and a large-and-in charge diamond ring. Other guests donned sleek gowns, bright and tight dresses, and suits galore.

Wearable Art: Avant-Garde Pieces We Love

Avant-garde fashion is certainly not the norm. Modern, bold, and sometimes unusual; it’s an artistic take to fashion that is anything but boring. Pieces are often regarded as being unique, innovative, and abstract. Most designs in this category are not really wearable, unless you have a red carpet event to attend. Check out our top favorite avant-garde, yet totally wearable pieces- now if we can only come up with an excuse to wear them!

Aurelie Bidermann Long-Spike Necklace $1,345.00

Wax On, Hair Off: Best Waxing Salons in NYC

Summer is almost upon us and that means less, correction, much less clothing. When shaving doesn’t cut it, people turn to waxing, which is quick, relatively painless, and gives you longer lasting results. After looking through our city’s waxing salons, we’ve hand selected our top five choices for the best waxing salons throughout Manhattan! Choose the one closest to you and get great clean results that will get you ready for beach weather!

Smooth Skin Factory East Village