DJ Hesta Prynn's Birthday Bash

Earlier this week, Joonbug celebrated noted mixmaster DJ Hesta Prynn's birthday at Gold Bar. The night had an epic turn out, with a surprise performance by Vinny Cha$e, who was just signed by LA Reid to EPIC Records, as well as a guest performance by Pittsburgh Slim. ANTM alum and co-owner of The Dalloway, Kim Stolz also made an appearance.

Promoter Profilin': Zach

From Columbus, Ohio to the Big Apple, Zach is here to change the image of the typical promoter. I met Zach randomly (as I do most people) on a Saturday night at my favorite all night eatery Coffee Shop. And from my first experience partying with him at the Grand Opening of Amnesia on a frosty Winter night, I knew he was my type of guy. Zach keeps it real and is all about r-e-s-p-e-c-t having a good time.

Here's more about this Cowtwon native.

Kirill Takes Over Cannes

[Photo: Kirill, DJ Mateo, DJ Sinatra, Hayden Panettiere]

Kirill Bichutsky has captured one-of-a kind, inimitable moments at NYC hot spots such as The Eldridge, SL, Marquee,, Juliet, RDV, Goldbar, and any other place you can dare think of. NY is not just the only area that has tasted the brilliance of Kirill Was Here. He has changed the lives of party animals in LA, Miami, Boston, and DC with one push of a button.

However, this was not enough for the flashing phenom. It was time to take action and move international. Kirill broke borders and made his way across the ocean. He headed down to the south of France where he invaded the one and only, Cannes Film Festival.

4AM's Jus-Ske Spinning for 2AM Club

Tonight, DJ Jus-Ske of 4AM DJs will be spinning for the new rock group, 2AM Club. The band was recently signed to RCA/JIVE label group. The band will also be performing in LA next month if you're out on the West Coast. 2AM Club is definitely a group to keep your eye on.

The concert is going to be held tonight at the Gramercy Theatre starting at 7:30PM. If that's not enough and you need more, there will be an After-Party over at Goldbar.

For more information and tickets to the show, visit here.

Ruin Your Friday Thursdays: Back for Week 2

The other day I introduced Nima Yamini's new party at Union Square Lounge(USL) entitled Ruin Your Friday Thursdays. No description really seems to be necessary anymore.

However, this Thursday, Southside's DJ Mess Kid and Goldbar's Prince Peter are being brought in to add their own unique twist to the party. With their talent and the success of last week's party, we can expect nothing far from a fantastic tonight.

Turntables, Turn Heads: an Interview with DJ Jesse Marco

He may only be 22 years old, but Jesse Marco is already well-established as one of New York City's most talented and sought-after DJs. His signature style and flair for mixing cross-genre classics, like Led Zeppelin and Jay Z or Michael Jackson and Nirvana, has caught the attention of some of the industry's biggest names, including Tom Ford, Russel Simmons, and Kanye West. Since he started spinning on his first turntables at the age of 12, his passion, talent, and dedication has taken him to the top, with a little help from DJ legends Mark Ronson and DJ AM. Don't miss your chance to get in on the action with Jesse Marco at Joonbug's Fashion Week Gala. Oh, and did we mention that he's also a model? How appropriate.

Good Units Opens with a Bang For Fashion Week

Good Units
356 West 58th Street
Manhattan, New York 10019

What better time to throw the opening party for your new venue/night spot than Fashion Week, are we right? And what a party it's going to be.

Up In Smoke

After Socialistia, Beatrice Inn, and GoldBar were all slapped with smoking violations on the same day, NY Mag has the good sense to ask the Department of Heath if their taste in nightlife venues to inspect has gotten a bit more high-brow. The answer was yes, inspectors indeed have been conducting more late-night smoking checks at restaurants and bars.

According to official sources, Beatrice has repeated violations of the Smoke Free Air Act on its record and has ignored recommendations from the DOH to put up "No Smoking" signs. The Beatrice Inn received violations but was not closed. The Department may consider actions to revoke or suspend the establishment's permit should it continue to allow patrons to smoke, said an official statement.

The Gatekeepers

Want to know how to get into Manhattan’s most exclusive clubs? The NY Post’s Page Six Magazine interviewed some of the city’s most notorious doormen in hopes of figuring out what makes them lift the velvet rope.

At Goldbar, Johhny Lennon says he is offered sex on a nightly basis and recounts a specific incident with a ‘well-endowed’ patron: “I had a girl [last week] say, 'Don't you like these?' while pointing at her breasts.” Lennon’s door is rumored to be the tightest in town and the presence of only 12 tables inside (two of which must be saved for celebrities every night) doesn’t help loosen the reigns. However, Lennon adds his own personal touch to the club’s mix, allowing skateboarding hipsters in along with the A-list crowd and sometimes giving a break to dudes who want to impress their dates.

Featured Venue: Goldbar

Scene: DJ, Dance, Upscale, Lounge, Bar

Little Italy
389 Broome Street
(at Mulberry)
New York, NY 10013
(212) 274-1568

At GoldBar lounge get ready for a fabulously gilded nightlife experience. Brought to you by nightlife veterans from Lotus and Cain, the entire venue is bathed in gold and opulence. Over two thousand custom made gold skulls cover the walls of this tunnel shaped space with a gold vaulted ceiling. The small bar upfront, where the theme of the specialty cocktail menu revolves around honey, is sectioned off by a gold chain curtain behind which plush velvet banquettes run along the walls. Bottle service, champagne mainly, is the norm and cocktails are on the expensive, but yummy, side. Oil paintings, crystal chandeliers, and heavy, draped curtains make this one lavish party for the lucky 150 people who measure up to the spot’s golden standard.