Post-Break-up Paris Goes to Rehab, Celebrates Vanity

Paris isn't letting the dissolution of her 14-month relationship with Doug Reinhardt get her down. This is the second time we've seen the heiress in Las Vegas in the past few weeks.

It was during her last trip here that the rumors regarding Paris' supposed relationship with Kim Kardashian's ex Reggie Bush surfaced. The two both were at two Vegas birthday parties that weekend for Mark Sudach and Jason Strauss where they apparently shared champagne and more But eye-witness Robin Leach assures that the couple didn't even speak to each other, and I'd believe Robin if he told me Johnny Weir was straight. That's how reliable he is.

Predicting the Party: Joel McHale & Donald Glover

This Friday, April 30 Community stars Joel McHale and Donald Glover are performing at Mandalay Bay. These two hysterical hotties are both on my list of future boyfriends, so I obviously have spent a lot of time thinking about where to best stalk them during there time here in Sin City. I actually met Donald once, too so I already have an ice breaker prepared. He told me I was a "sexy Fievel" for Halloween, words which I cherish and shall be proudly displayed as my tombstone epitaph. I also know Joel is happily married with two kids, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?

The Lost Weekend is Where You'll Find Pavement This Fall

After a ten year hiatus, Pavement has not only returned to the music scene but is returning to Las Vegas.

The celebrated indie label Matador Records is celebrating their 21st anniversary this fall right here on the Strip with a three-day music festival. Most details surrounding the event are still unknown, but we can tell you that the event is called The Lost Weekend and is sponsored by Goldenvoice and FYF Fest. The event will run from October 1-3 and is sure to be filled with some of the hottest names in alternative and indie music.