Alternative Chicago

If it weren't for the bold red arrow with the name NEO painted on the alley wall next to the bisected manikin you probably wouldn’t even know it was there. The literal writing on the wall peaks your curiosity and sends your intimation running wild. You walk down the alley to the back of the building where there’s a large metal door. You almost expect someone to ask you for “the password.” Once inside your senses are instantly overwhelmed by flashing lights and industrial music. As you being to adjust and regain control of your cognitive faculties you realize you have arrived at one of Chicago’s hottest spot for the underground, the alternative, and the strange.

Five Easy DIY Costumes

Just three weeks away, Halloween is going to creep up on us any minute! If you're stuck in a rut and can't decide on a costume--have no fear! Below are five easy DIY costumes you can put together with stuff that's probably already in your closet!

1. PSY: Okay, so "Gangnam Style," went viral via YouTube and frontman, Psy, is a fun appraoch to a Halloween costume DIY! This should be a big one this year for guys or girls! All you need is a baby blue blazer, a black bowtie, and black shades! The hardest part of this costume will probabaly be the dance you'll have to learn to go with it!

Halloween Couture
Ah yes, Guys and Ghouls, it's that time of year again, Halloween is here! For those of you who decided to jump the gun and celebrated over the weekend, you will soon learn that Friday nights are for amateurs. A Monday Halloween will weed out the weak and define the real party animals who will rule the night! Just in case your busy life schedule has not permitted you the time to pop into your favorite costume store to snag your dream costume, don't fret. Here are a few last minute, yet very fashionable ideas that are sure to deter you from butchering your Egyptian cotton sheets to turn them into a toga.

1. Be Katy Perry for Halloween! Everyone loves to dress up like their favorite celebrity, so who better to swag grab from then the couture influenced multi-Grammy nominee whose hottest looks are literally ripped from the runway. The model shown here is wearing one of the outfits shown in a Christian Dior fashion show nearly 3 years before the California Dream star made her first debut. 2. The Geisha theme has often been popularized on both on the runway and among trick or treaters alike. They make great for Facebook pictures and just about every mainstream designer has presented their collection using their own rendition of the Geisha theme at least once. If you're going to spend the time even putting a costume together, make sure to go all out! The late great Alexander McQueen is the epitome of all things theatrical. The model featured in this picture is wearing an item from one of the now archived/vintage collections. If you are still looking for inspiration and Alexander McQueen is right up your alley, take a look of past images from the Savage Beauty Exbihit that displayed McQueen's best work from 2010 through this past August.
Nail Noir

It's been a while since the days of coloring my nails with a black Sharpie during 7th grade study hall. But that doesn't mean my penchant for nail art has changed much. As an adult I've upgraded from marker to proper polish, and occasionally even enlist the help of a professional. Still, the perfect onyx color has long eluded me. Most black lacquers I've tried are runny, chip easily, and leave my nails looking well, about the same as they did in study hall. Light and sheer is desirable for some shades, but with black it's important to find a rich, full bodied color. Polish that is too thin or light requires multiple layers that eventually end up a gooey mess. Countless cotton balls and bottles of acetone later - not to mention the occasional cringe worthy paint fleck on my teeth - I've compiled a list of lacquers perfect for fall that make the angtsy teen inside me pout with appreciation.

Tread Softly and Wear a Big Shoe

Like UFO pants and polyester suits, some shameful trends of yore should remain buried in the past. Others, like the iconic creeper shoe, have risen from the dead to meet the dawn of a new popularity. Made popular amongst the dapper Teddy Boys of late 1950s London, the creeper has for decades been the preferred footwear for alternative's most stylish. From the Teddies and their drainpipe slacks, creepers made their way onto the feet of 70s punks with their leather jackets and pyramid studs, and later peeped out from beneath the draped lace and velvet of 80s and 90s goths.

Dio De Los Muertos

While Halloween is definitely the most commercial holiday this weekend, don't overlook its sister celebration the Mexican Dio De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead.

On November 2nd it is tradition for families to celebrate the lives of their ancestors by setting up a celebration in their local graveyard. My Goth toes are curling just thinking about it. Graves are dressed up with candles, colorful flowers, cloths, sugar skulls and foodstuffs.

Boston's Forest Hills Cemetery is hosting a Dio De Los Muertos celebration this Tuesday, November 2nd from 4-6pm. The admission is free, and if you tire of dancing and swapping stories, you can always mope off into the beautiful graveyard itself and pretend you're waiting for Brandon Lee.

Featured Artist Profile: The 69 Eyes

The 69 Eyes
Genre: Goth Metal

“I mean if a bad boy is an a**hole, then I don't want to be a bad boy. This image of being the bad boy of Rock'n'Roll - I don't know where it comes from, maybe from Mötley Crüe or from P.Diddy, bad boy for life.” – Jyrki69 (lead vocals)

The 69 Eyes are a very dramatic, Goth metal band, formed in the early '90s in Helsinki, Finland. They can be described as a “spooky” quartet influenced by Motörhead, the Stooges, the Dead Boys, and the Doors, as well as movies like The Crow, Lost Boys, and The Matrix. The band is said to be the missing link between The Cult and Type O Negative. The 69 Eyes have released several albums throughout the '90s and early 2000s. They first went gold in their native Finland with 2000's "Gothic Girl" single, and from then on their popularity increased. An anthology titled Framed in Blood: The Very Blessed of 69 Eyes was released in 2003 and initiated another phase for the band. They released another full-length album, Devils, in 2005 with its sequel, Angels, following in 2007. “We’re mainstream names in the rock scene in Finland," says singer Jyrki, "but we’re still known as a dark and mystical cult band everywhere else.