Verboten Grand Opening This Weekend

Verboten translates to “forbidden” in German, but the opening of a new club of the same name in Williamsburg is by no means as restrictive as the name would suggest. It is in fact, the exact opposite. It's like the Garden of Eden, a paradise full of everything you could ever want from a nightlife, music, and arts venue, and nothing is off limits. This Friday and Saturday, March 14th and 15th, Verboten hosts the grand opening of its purpose-built venue and invites you to come try some of forbidden food and drinks, you won't regret it.

The Grand Opening of Zhà-Mē

Last week, we were thrilled to see our contributing writer Steve Luw in culinary action with the debut of Zhà Pan Asian Streetfood. The creators (Steve and his friend Heezy) of Zhà-Mē, an original fried Asian rice ball, held their first ever pop-up last Thursday at Zucker Bakery. And it was delicious.

Zhà, which is pronounced "Ja," translates to "Deep fried" in Chinese. So it makes sense that the food is just that: large balls of rice (about the size of your fist) stuffed with tasty mixtures and dunked in an oil bath, for an oh-so-crispy crust and a sinfully tender center. These babies are all about complex texture and flavor, which is exactly what Zhà Pan Asian was going for. The best part? Despite being comprised of rice and saucy meats, they do not fall apart in your hands. Score.

Free Grilled Cheese at Daily Melt

Allen Susser is one of Miami’s most celebrated chefs who helped put the 305 on the culinary map before anyone ever thought of calling Miami by its area code. Part of the original “Mango Gang” that included Chef Michelle Bernstein and Chef Norman Van Aken, the James Beard Award-winning Chef Susser was known for pioneering the use of tropical and Caribbean ingredientsthings that grew plentifully in South Florida—into fine dining, creating a cuisine that was known for a while as “Floribbean”. His namesake restaurant in Aventura was a favorite for years until it finally closed its doors, and fans have been wondering what this local gastronomic icon will be doing next. Well, it seems as if Chef Allen Susser is taking a departure from the mango-centric cuisine he has been known for to bring us a more casual, more comforting, and less tropical concept: grilled cheese sandwiches. Tomorrow, March 8th, sees the opening of Chef Susser’s Midtown Miami eatery, Daily Melt. If you’re skeptical about Chef Allen’s new approach, then Daily Melt is willing to win you over with a free sandwich tomorrow!

Salsa Fiesta Opens in Aventura with Free Margaritas

Part of what makes a city gastronomically unique are not only the independent eateries and local food customs, but also some of the homegrown chains that are seldom - if ever - found anywhere else, even though they can be so omnipresent where we live that we assume them as a given. I learned at a young age that Pollo Tropical cannot be found in North Carolina, and more recently that ribs at Flanigan’s can be something for which a homesick South Floridian can really yearn. We might laugh it off now, but after being away from the 305 for a while, many of us start thinking about the little things that we left behind. Being that Miami is a young city, many of our culinary traditions (including chain restaurants) are fairly new and many are developing right as I am finishing writing this sentence. Salsa Fiesta, which first began close to Midtown Miami and before opening a second location in Pembroke Pines, may soon become yet another one of our local food traditions as it opens its third location in Aventura next month with complimentary margaritas to celebrate.

Celebrating The Opening Of Bianca
Kreiss Grand Opening with Alonzo Mourning, Benefits The Honey Shine Mentoring Program

Miami's Design District is soon to have one more Fancy Furniture showroom as part of its collection. Kreiss, a fourth-gen family business famed for creating the "California Look" will host a Grand Opening Celebration on Tuesday, January 10th from 7-9 PM. In addition to being the first to peruse their three new collections, guests will enjoy hors d’oeuvres and sip eco-conscious cocktails courtesy of VeeV. (RSVP or 305.864.3434 ext. 199)

Grand Opening of Chalk in South Beach

Sometimes, you want to do more than just drink at bar. Say hello to Chalk, Sobe's latest nightlife endeavor by managing partners Robert Chalk, Sayra Moto and Joseph Blount. A Grand Opening celebration will kick off this Thursday, January 5th with a private, invitation-only ribbon-cutting ceremony officiated by Miami Beach Vice-Mayor Michael Gongora at 9PM. The party continues all night, opening doors to the public at 10 PM. (RSVP:

Say Bonjour To High Club

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir.

Channel your inner Lady Marmalade before sauntering over to SoBe's newest lounge, High Club. The swanky, sexy new 5,000 sq.ft. French parlour has officially opened on Ocean Drive. Parisian nightlife guru Gil Thevenet's first US venture comes complete with a plush Victorian era VIP, handmade black leather-buttoned walls contrasted by a white laquer bar and record studio-quality Tannoy speakers.

The grand opening celebration kicked off on Thursday, November 17th with Belvedere cocktails and French music mixers DJ Navy & DJ Keidy.

Grand Opening Of Muse At Sagamore, The Art Hotel

The Sagamore is in the midst of making of a comeback. The eclectic establishment had little in the way of spa and salon services compared to most of its neighbors and competitors on Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue. Enter Sabrina Badeaux, the already successful spa/salon owner of Chez Badeaux, consulted to create a sleek new space for the artsy hotel. Joonbug attended an exclusive soft opening party and chatted with Sabrina about her latest masterpiece, Muse.

Is there a story behind "Muse" being selected as the name for the spa/salon?
Sagamore is known as the Art Hotel, and since most artists have a 'Muse' that inspires them to create, we wanted to name the spa Muse... Guests will be inspired to relax and further enjoy their stay at the hotel.

LES Runway Brings the Runway Downtown!

Cheryl Maleh's Kickstarter campaign to bring fashion shows to New York's LES has finally reached its funding goal! The show will go on! Beginning September 7th and running through October 1st, this part fashion showcase/ part pop-up shop will include 12 events that definitely cannot be missed!

Paste USA, Olasul, Sir New York, Rachel Rose, Lumete, Alexandra Taylor, Meghan Patrice Riley, Gemma Redux, Domestic Holding, Reddoll by Tatyana Mereyuk, Newform Perspective, FE Wearables, Shaelon Smith, C Pettel, Pip-Squeak Chapeau, Shown to Scale, Visantine Collective, Eleanor Lee Jewelry, and Adha Zelma Jewelry are all of the designers participating in the LES fashion extravaganza!