Bringing Italy to New York City: Da Marcella Taverna
Tessa to Open Tomorrow Night + More Spring Openings

For foodies, this spring is bound to bear more than just warm weather.

Tessa, a well-designed Mediterranean joint, will be moving into a prime 1,750-square-foot space on the Upper West Side that has seen restaurants come and go over the years. Named after one of the owner’s daughters, it is to feature world class French and Italian flavors. The spot will be headed by Chef Cedric Tovar, who has spent time at both Bobo and Rosemary’s, both gems in the downtown culinary scene. Similar to other up-and-coming restaurants north of Lincoln Center, Tessa features modern design with equal attention to both form and function. The design showcases a ground level bar area and an upstairs dining room. Tessa opens this Thursday. It is located at 349 Amsterdam Avenue.

JoonBug is “All in” On All’onda!

Monday night just could not arrive fast enough for JoonBug’s 7:30 reservation at All’onda, a new Italian restaurant located on 22 E 13th Street that opened on December 23rd, 2013. Braving the cold that evening, we hopped on the L train and arrived in Union Square with huge appetites. Passing the other shivering New Yorkers and straining against the brisk January night, the warm look of the restaurant with its glow of iridescent lights and open windows looking in on the happy diners, was inviting and exciting.

The Eat Movement: The Latest Ventures of Harold Dieterle & Gabe Stulman

Whoever said you don’t need the approval of others never owned a restaurant. Captains of industry Harold Dieterle and Gabe Stulman won support from Community Board 2's SLA Licensing Committee giving them the green light to proceed with their latest business ventures.

99 Bank Street will be home to The Marrow, an Italian and German-influenced dining experience and brainchild of Dieterle and partner Alicia Nosenzo. After detailing to the committee that the dimensions of the space would not be disrupted and that the closing of the establishment would come at a reasonable hour nightly, the couple received no objections. The original plan for The Marrow included a downtown Brooklyn location in Hotel 718 but the owners sought a new location after the hotel’s management was changed.

Vegetarian's Paradise 2 in Greenwich Village

Vegetarian’s Paradise 2 is in a prime spot on West 4th Street in Manhattan, a high-traffic area situated close to the subway, as well as many bars, cafes, theaters, shops and other restaurants. This downtown restaurant is frequented mostly by couples and friends in their 20s and 30s, along with NYU students. It offers a friendly, yet sophisticated, atmosphere that is inviting, youthful, and not stuffy. VP2 is a popular spot in the Greenwich Village area, and is quite reasonably priced for a sit-down place.

NIGHT STALKER Brings Live Streaming to the Club

Have you ever been stuck at home while your friends are out club hopping? Now there’s a solution for you to not miss a beat while still laying on your couch. The Groove, a Greenwich Village nightclub, has put into action, a system that provides live streaming from inside the club. The idea of the live feed is not only to watch those you know, but to help you decide which clubs are worthy of attending.

The Groove, a popular hotspot for live music seven days a week, has hosted celebrity guests including Pink, Ricky Martin, and Prince. Now it’s your turn to be on TV for your friends at home to watch. We love this idea, but please, don’t do anything embarrassing…it will be recorded!

PS if you’re not sure how live feed works, check out’s website to view a stream of their Brooklyn office!

Checking in at the Tribeca Film Festival

The 11th Annual Tribeca Film Festival has consumed NYC in a flurry of cinema, celebrity, and auteur stylings. With the proceedings in full swing, this past week has seen numerous events, screenings, and soirees in honor of this yearly cinematic celebration. At its core, this film fest strives to “enable the international film community and the general public to experience the power of film by redefining the film festival experience." In that respect, the submissions are reflective of this progressive sentiment, with each subsequent year continually raising the caliber.

Rediscover NYC with Walking Food Tours

Walking food tours are a great option for those visiting New York City or have recently moved to a new neighborhood where they aren’t quite sure where the best places to eat are. There are quite a few companies that offer walking tours that are neighborhood specific and dedicated to the diverse dishes found in those neighborhoods. From Chinatown to the Upper West Side there’s a walking tour that will fit anyone's taste buds, all for a relatively cheap price tag.

Joonbug found five interesting walking food tours that we cannot wait to try out the next time a friend comes to town or have day to ourselves to go on an adventure.

The Meatball Shop: So Many Balls, So Little Time

As many of you know, The Meatball Shop opened its third location in Greenwich Village last week. If you're not familiar with The Meatball Shop, it's, well, a meatball shop with a cult following. We got there at around 5:45pm (for some reason they didn't open until 6pm last night) and waited for the doors to open as a line formed behind us. Luckily, we were second in line and we guarded/stalked the door in a way one can only do when one is really, really hungry. At 6pm (and not a minute before) the door swung open and we got one of the best tables in the house near the back, along the wall. Within 10 minutes the restaurant was near capacity.

Recession Approved: Cheapest Happy Hours in NYC

Being a young barhopper in New York can be tough. Your friends who moved to Nashville call to tell you about their wild night, and here you are, plopping down your last 7 dollars on a pint of Rolling Rock. But fear not, draft hounds: justice comes to all in the form of happy hour. We've scoured the city for the best deals this side of South Dakota, and while the drinks may not be top shelf, at least your wallet won't be hung over the next morning.

Bourbon Street (407 Amsterdam Avenue)