Grooveshark is Bringing the Funk!

One of the biggest internet stories of 2010 was the proliferation of streaming music sites online. Services like Rhapsody, Pandora and have proven to be a popular way for people to listen to their favorite music online without spending a boatload of money on albums with only two good songs on them. Perhaps the best site of them all is Grooveshark, which is set to be a huge hit in 2011.

Grooveshark takes the basic structure of the most popular internet radio sites and improves upon the formula. Grooveshark features a near-countless number of songs and allows you pick them all individually. No more pre-organized playlists or songs picked randomly by the website based on what it thinks you like. Grooveshark allows the listener full control over what they want to hear and provides almost every song imaginable. The user-generated selection of songs is so dense it also includes demo versions of songs, live versions and more obscure picks. It is truly a pleasure to see entire Fugazi albums show up on this site while no stores in the tri-state area has even heard of them.