Get Flirty with Jewelry by Jane Basch

In the city you really need a wardrobe that works for you. In one day you can easily go from the gym, to work, a lunch meeting, and after work cocktails with your friends. At Joonbug we like to feature style staples that are anything but ordinary! We recently took a look at the latest in monogram jewelry by designer Jane Basch and are really impressed. Carly Rae Jespen, Giuliana Rancic, Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani, and Kerry Washington are just some of the hot celebs that have been spotted rockin' the latest custom monogram and nameplate fashions by Jane Basch. Don't let the star clientele fool you, because she prices her jewelry so that every woman (and man) can enjoy handmade, high quality, and detailed pieces.

Zombified Celebs Are So Fetch

The rich & famous of today are constantly in the public eye. Sooner or later, one can only imagine that the incessant scrutiny would eventually get to them. Surely, they wouldn't turn down the opportunity to get back at the papparazzi by, shall we say - biting their faces off. Especially if this whole vampire thing would just end already, the zombie apocalypse from the City of Angels doesn't seem too far off. Wonder what kind of picture that'd be...

Below are just a few of our favorites from The 15 Hottest Zombified Celebrities - provided by Heavy's Comedy section from last year.

Inside the Party: Dada Life and Cazzette at LAVO

By RJ Halperin

Last night, a pair of Swedish DJ duos, Dada Life and CAZZETTE, took control of the already legendary DJ booth at LAVO NYC.

CAZZETTE were first to take the stage. Relative newcomers on the DJ scene, the Swedish pair have enjoyed a rapid increase in popularity over the past year. Their set at LAVO would have made you think they were seasoned vets, ending perfectly with their hugely popular bootleg of Swedish House Mafia’s “Save the World.” We will surely be hearing more of them in the coming years as they continue their development as producers and DJs.

Soon, though, it was Dada Life’s turn. From the minute the Swedish electro house duo took the stage, Olle and Stefan kept the energy level extremely high. Stefan could be seen yelling and banging on the ceiling at especially climatic moments. The close quarters of LAVO allowed the crowd to feed off the energy of the DJ pair. The middle of the dance floor stayed wild well into the early morning, with people dancing on tables, sofas, and any other elevated surface they could find.

The club appeared especially amped on the “Dada.” At least one fan showed up in a full banana costume and multiple people could be seen dancing with the inflatable champagne bottles and larger-than-life bananas that floated around the dance floor. The scene was especially fitting when Dada Life dropped their trademark bootleg featuring Gwen Stefani’s classic line: “This sh*t is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.” Other highlights of their set included their new single “Happy Violence” and a sick bootleg combining Afrojack’s and R3hab’s “Prutataaa” with Empire of the Sun’s “Walking on a Dream.”

Overall, both DJ duos played fantastic sets, working the crowd into a madhouse of excitement over the course of four straight hours of electro house.

All photos courtesy of Enes Kolenovic.

Go Tribal for Spring

Last month Teyana Taylor went “tribal” and rocked African, Lebanese and Indian-inspired prints on the cover of Vibe magazine. After that, everyone has been trying to get their hands on some tribal wear. One of my followers posted this question on twitter the other day about making a statement as far as fashion: “With the summer time coming up it will be all about the bright colors, color blocking, animal prints and tribal prints. Which fashion statement will you be making this season?”

Shoe Addiction

We have something to tell you.... We are shoe addicts! So attending the Transit LA shoe show, part of the LA Fashion Market was a bit of a dream come true for us at Joonbug. The huge space in the California Market Centre in Downtown LA was packed to the rafters with shoes in a multitude of heights, materials, textures and colors.

Matiko showed a huge variety of shoes in very 'now' trends. A pair of wedges had a fantastic 70's style 'T 'bar which would look amazing teamed with flared jeans. Another wedged pair came in a choice of tan or white and had a chunky ankle buckle detail: Great for those who like to make a ‘shout out loud’s tatement with their shoes. High heeled pumps, came with open toes, back zips and shoelace details for a touch of evening glamour.

The In's And Out's Of A Cut-Throat Industry

Who: Twilight's Ashley Greene

What: Hosting the hour long, Fashion Forward: Making It

Where: The CW

When: December 8, 2010 at 9 p.m.

Fashion Forward: Making It is meant to reveal the "not-so-pretty" side of the fashion world and how some of the world's top designers and fashion icons made it in the industry. Some designers that will be featured are Tory Burch, Alexander Wang, David Neville from Rag & Bone, Justin Timberlake, and Gwen Stefani. If you love fashion then you can not miss out on this special.

Rastafarian: Trend or Dread?
From a Bad Romance to Fit Model Fame

I'm not sure exactly where to start. I haven't written in a long time, and I am not sure why. It definitely isn't due to a lack of things happening. I haven't fallen into a pit of self-loathing or been sitting at home for days on end watching Rock Of Love reruns on VH1 while testing out various kinds of microwave popcorn, convinced the next one may really taste exactly like Movie Theater Popcorn...ok well the second scenario may have been true, but alas, I just haven't been inspired to write.

They say some things are better left to memory, and while I wish I could say this was the reasoning behind my absence, those that know me, and how many pictures I like to take, will call my bluff. So yeah, this blog could just be the ramblings of another flight to Los Angeles with nothing to do but try and stretch in a cramped seat and read countless gossip mags about Kim Kardashian's new bikini body and her diet secrets. If there is one thing I have learned from my years of pitiful airport consumption of trashy tabloids, it is that no diet secret actually exists and that cellulite is simply genetic. So here is Lindsay Luv's secret to dieting, one that I rarely adhere to yet feel is foolproof in theory: Stop EATING Everything. It truly is that simple. A colonic is a just an especially big shit, and diet pills are a just fancy speed. If your heart is faster than a speeding bullet or your shit is on fire, then chances are you will either die from a heart attack or sheer embarrassment.

Copyright Suits Target Small Businesses

Have you ever walked into your local coffee shop and wondered if they would ever play anything except that same loop CD of unsigned local bands that just make a tough morning that much harder to deal with? Have you ever wished that your favorite restaurant would play something other than easy-listening drone-tones since it turns into a Top 40 nightclub after 10PM? Have you ever found yourself sitting at the edge of the nearest local watering-hole, crying into a mug of cheep beer, wishing to God that you could hear Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” to chase away the pain of a life that’s apparently going nowhere?