Hair Frosting

Struggling to find the perfect accessory to go with your LBD for NYE? This year, skip the neck and finger bling to give your locks a chance to shine.

Whether you plan on buying a brand new dress or just fishing your closet for an old classic - Berman's line of elegant crystal hair accessories are sure to glam up any New Year's outfit.

Visit to purchase your very own handmade hair piece in time for New Year's Eve!

Flowers in her hair - Flowers everywhere!

Flowers have been an emblem for Mother’s Day every since Anna Jarvis, the holiday’s founder, sent 500 carnations to her West Virginia hometown roughly 100 years ago to honor moms.

This year, flowers are popping up everywhere in fashion. Ladies all over are wearing flowers in their hair, pinned to their clothes, and even on their shoes. Why not let your mom in on the trend? This Mother’s Day, send your mama a flower she can leave the house with!

If you’re only looking to drop a few dollars, head to Forever 21 for a 4 inch diameter fabric brooch, available in black or dark purple.