Grand Opening of Ricky's Opens in Murray Hill this Saturday

This Saturday, March 21st, marks the Grand Opening of the Ricky’s Murray Hill location. The opening party runs from 1pm to 4pm and features free samples, beauty makeovers, giveaways and more. The brands running special offers include luxury skincare and hair care lines such as Murad, Klorane, Moroccan Oil and Carol’s Daughter.

The new store’s on third avenue and 27th street and will include one of the built-in Revolver hair salons. This should be a fun treat for any and all hair-obsessed ladies living in Murray Hill.

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The Incredible Benefits of Coconut Oil

Beauty addicts have long been known for their wacky at-home treatments. Whether it's mayonnaise, avocados or olive oil, there's no food too strange to test out the benefits of its natural properties on our skin and hair. Usually these trends pass in the blink of an eye - forgotten by all except for the most curious few. There's a hot trend right now breaking this mold as it sweeps across the world of beauty and proves its staying power through the devotion of its followers. The best part is, it's all-natural, organic, and fairly cheap!

The use of coconut oil as a topical remedy began in the South Pacific. Residents of Tahiti have been using coconut oil to treat just about everything for centuries. Combined with their "sacred flower," tiare, to create monoi, islanders use the oil for cooking, as an immunity-booster, as a skin protectant from harsh salt water, for minor cuts or burns, and to improve the elasticity of skin.

Curl Power

Curly girls, love your hair and let Lorraine Massey show you how with "Curly Girl: The Handbook." Consider this your self-help guide to gorgeous locks.

Lorraine Massey is the founder and co-owner of the popular salon group, Devachan, specializing in curly hair upkeep. She is also co-creator of DevaCurl, a line of products formulated specifically for curly girls. After identifying a void in the hair care industry, Lorraine Massey, a curly girl herself, was inspired to create a manual to teach curly girls how to manage, maintain and, most importantly, adore their beautiful tresses. In Massey's book, she celebrates the curl from zigzag to botticelli to waves.

New Hairspray With Added Benefits

Remember how your grandmother's old-timey cures of "back in the day" medicine work better than any over-the-counter medication you can buy today?

What if the same applied to hair care? Apparently (and this has not been personally tested yet) that better alternative to hairspray is beer. Forgo the aerosol cans and the CFC's and simply dip your brush/comb into beer and voila! Frizzies and strays no more.

The theory is that the alcohol in beer (which is a main ingredient in hairspray) combined with the wheat and yeast makes for distinct-if not eccentric-ménage a trois of hair holding superpower.

The best part? Finish off styling with a nice cold one.