Childs Play

Halloween is a child's dream holiday - playing dress-up, eating candy, and telling ghost stories - it can't get better than that. But adults want in on the fun, too! Now is your chance to relive Halloween as you never have before, adult style. We've got some fun tricks and treats up our sleeves. Check them out!

Killers: A Nightmare Haunted House: This controversial haunted house is a must-see this Halloween. Steering away from traditional haunted houses, this one plays homage to both real and fictional serial killers. You won't get scary monsters popping out at you at every turn, but you'll get something much more frightening -- a look into the world of real-life killers. Patrons weave their way through trials, executions, feasts, and bloody hallways, interacting with the actors the whole way through. Brave souls can have a bloody X painted on their forehead to indicate they want to be touched by the actors. We recommend doing so to take advantage of the whole experience. The sets and special effects are remarkable, completely immersing you into the lives of Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper, and even Dexter. As you wait to enter, check out the exhibit of paraphernalia from noted serial killers, including yearbook photos, drawings, and execution letters. This is one haunted house that will leave you shaking in your boots.

The Sunny Coast Gets A Little Dark

What once went down in flames is now coming back to haunt. Griffith Park in L.A. comes back with a vengeance with an eerie hayride.

Griffith Park was built in the early 1900's and was once owned by the Clifton family. The land became a small zoo and most popular with the community. That is, until the animals became buck wild and neighbors went stir crazy. Animals started showing behavior changes and residents came together to discuss what was probably just animals getting frisky one day.

The church meeting ended with a mass of flames killing all in attendance. Now 100 years later, they are coming back for a hayride treat.

2009 Movies to Fulfill your Halloween Needs

The next few weeks will play host to new and upcoming movies in theatres everywhere. For those who want to get more into the Halloween spirit and enjoy some thrillers along with some gruesome comedy, here is a list of some unnerving movies you should enjoy in order from earliest arrival in theatres to latest.

Zombieland (Oct 2, 2009): A horror comedy following a group of people who have found a way to survive in a world overrun by ugly and nasty zombies.

Night of the demons (Oct 9, 2009): Over 80 years ago six people disappeared from the Broussard mansion never to be found again. Now it looks like the same fate may fall upon six teenagers who have found themselves trapped in this mansion after a Halloween party gets shut down and all the party goers have left.