Grab the Bull by the Horns at El Parador

El Parador is one of the oldest names on the block...but that's no reason to write it off, it's stuck around for a reason! This joint opened up in 1959 and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Owner Jose "Alex" Alejandro took the reins from his father, who acquired the restaurant in 1990. Blockheads loyals will start singing a different tune once they step into this quaint and cozy Mexican hub. They have all your favorite dishes and some more unique selections, including Jalapenos Rellenos (jalapenos stuffed with anejo cheese or chunky peanut butter) and Mexican Fried Ice Cream. The staff is friendly and the customers are always enjoying themselves and coming back for more. It's best to make a reservation because even in the middle of the week, this place is hopping.

Notable Happy (After) Hours

Like overtime, holiday pay, and weekends, Happy Hour is a classic construct of the 7 day work week. Does Happy Hour accurately represent the heterogeneity of the workforce, however? What about alternative contributors? Don’t they get any fun; discounts, et cetera? What about the freelancers, contractors, day drifters and late shifters..? The unemployed? The about-to-quit? The professionally apathetic? Fortunately, and finally—the service sector is addressing these inequities. So if you fall amongst marketing’s overlooked, or if you keep traditional settings on your alarm clock but turn happy hours into happy nights anyway, you’ll want to grab a pen:

Firewaters in Atlantic City

Firewaters, located on the boardwalk level of the Tropicana casino in Atlantic City is a stand alone bar. Firewaters offers over 50 draft beers, and 50 different varieties of bottled beer as well. With all these options it's likely that almost anyone can find a beer to enjoy.

The establishment's most popular drafts are the ever-popular Miller lite, and Delaware-based brewery's, Dogfish Head 90 Minute Brew. While craft beers can be mass produced, for the most part they are brewed on a smaller scale because they appeal to a smaller taste audience. The range and variety of these beers is great and since Firewaters has so many to offer it is a great place to experiment with a variety of beers in both bottle and draft form.