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'Mad Men' Says Aloha to Hawaii for Season 6

Spoiler alert! 'Mad Men' is going tropical for Season 6 when Don Draper and his wife Megan, aka Jon Hamm and Jessica Pare take Hawaii. Brady Bunch did it. Full House did it. And, yes, that’s right, “Mad Men” is participating in the long TV tradition of a Hawaiian vacation.

Based on a series of pictures posted on Daily Mail, the characters of Don and Megan Draper look to be enjoying their time in The Aloha State, drinking tropical drinks and reading “The Inferno” on the beach. They are both wearing brightly-printed, retro swimsuits in the photos.

Though an exact date's yet to be announced, we can’t wait for the sunny, ocean and rainbow filled season premiere.

New York's Guide to Tropical Nightlife

Sit back, close your eyes, and think of a bright sunny day lounging on the beach. The cool breeze flowing through your hair, the sand pressed firmly against your toes, a bucket of ice cold Coronas hitting your lips. Sounds good right? Unfortunately, living and working in New York doesn't provide these small pleasures of life. As much as I love NY in the summer, sometimes commuting in the steamy hot subway and sitting in front of the air conditioner in my cramped apartment makes me long for a chance to get away.

For some of us it's not that easy to just take a trip and find some secluded beachy slice of heaven to spend some time in. With the way the economy is, it's getting pretty hard to even check out the beaches in Jersey --unless of course you happen to be gym buddies with The Situation. With no Tropical destination in sight for myself this summer, I researched some local spots that might make me feel like I’m away from the city. Below is a guide to a Tropical New York. If you feel like getting out of the city for a night, but can’t find the time or the funds to put together a legit trip, these night life spots will hopefully take you there, even if it's only for a little while.

PainKiller: This Lower East Side cocktail haven will make you think you teleported into a Caribbean beach bar. Once there, toss back a few of their classic Mai Tais (Jamaican rum, over-proof Demerara rum, lime juice and house-made orgeat and curaçao; $12), to truly take in the island experience.

Misplaced Madness

Paris and passengers were forced to delay departure of their LAX to Hawaii flight after a serrated knife was found on board.

Oops! Turns out this "scare" was just a simple case of a misplaced box-cutting knife by an airline crew member.

Can anyone say inconvenience?