Tiësto and AKG Collaborate on Headphone Line 'AKG by Tiësto'

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Simon Cowell Creates Headphones

The X Factor judge we hate to love has revealed that he's parterned up with Syco Entertainment, his joint venture with Sony Entertainment, to design a line of headphones called "X Headphones."

"I've tried all of them, literally every single one. Sony and I set out to create the best headphone in the world. We are absolutely blown away by these. With the X headphones, it's like being in the recording studio when the records are made. The sound is that clear," Cowell said in a statement. The headphones are going for a nifty $299 and will be featured throughout the X Factor season.

Check out Engadget for a detailed review.

The Latest Ear Candy: AKG by Tiesto

In keeping with the ongoing trend of celeb headphones, Tiesto has announced that he is throwing his hat into the fray via his “AKG by Tiesto" model. Artists—having the highly stylized aural sensibilities that they do— justify these creations by marketing them as “the optimal vessel for experiencing their lush tuneage." With “Beats by Dre” currently dominating the competition, Tiesto has joined with world-renowned sound engineers “AKG” to put his unique spin on the ear candy.

“AKG by Tiesto” is set to offer three distinct models by the time it launches this June. In hoping to achieve the perfect balance of style and performance, Tiesto claims his phones shall continue his personal ethos of “giving fans a breathtaking audio experience”. Prices aren’t yet listed, but given the nature of these celeb creations, I’d lean closer to Mr. Benjamin as a starting point.

New Music Gadgets to Add to Your Wishlist

The holiday season is approaching fast, and there's no shortage of cool new music devices out there for the aspiring producers, gadget freaks, and all around audiophiles in your life. Whether you're looking to get your younger sibling a new set of speakers to blast the new Drake record on, or you're ready to spend that iTunes gift card on a really cool app, here are some of the best bits of technology coming from the music world.

Altec Lansing Custom In-Ear Monitors

Imagine a pair of headphones designed exclusively for you? Well, if you're a professional musician or hardcore audio nerd and are willing to shell out serious cash, Altec Lansing is offering a series of custom in-ear monitors. While the monitors are super pricey at $1000, $750, and $500, those who purchase them will be able to consult with an Audiologist to create the perfect mold to fit their ears, meaning your live sound and secret Britney Spears playlist will both sound clearer than ever.

Coloud Comic Book Headphones

Coloud, the minds behind quite a few different sets of funky yet affordable headphones recently added a new roster of cool listening devices that comic book fans will love. On the heels of the Thor movie release in theaters and just before X-Men: First Class and Captain America, Coloud brings us headphones for Marvel comics. This crossover event bring characters that have made an impact on generations of readers back into mainstream style by combining them with a modern necessity: music.

No strangers to brightly colored pop icon pieces, Coloud has made headphones for Hello Kitty, Betty Boop, and Star Wars. This time around, their comfortably hefty looking headphones will feature Captain America, Wolverine, The Punisher, the X-Men, and a pair featuring classic comic book sound effects.

WESC Headphones: Music To Your Earholes

It seams that everybody is listening to personal music players these days. Even old ladies walk down the streets with their iPods streaming music through a set of apple issued ear-buds. You can’t even get on bus without having to overhear somebody’s obnoxious music pulsating from headphones wedged so far into their ears that you can’t help but wonder when that person will start having to speak with their hands instead of screaming over the latest beat. If the thought of cramming these teeny-tiny cheap-o speakers into your head makes you want to shove it all the way through your melon ending life as you know it, you can spend a little extra money for some colorful state-of-the-art earpieces made to fit the contours of your aural cavities (your ears) while they blast the earwax straight into your brain.