5 Cool and New Restaurants

It always seems like there's a million restaurants opening in NYC all the time. But that's definitely not a bad thing. This is a list of five restaurants with unusual food twists and trendy decors that opened recently.

The opening of this Hell's Kitchen restaurant was much anticipated. It has pretty much exactly what you think it does: alcohol and bacon (two things that go very well together, we might add). With a full-service bar, each dish here has bacon as the main ingredient. You've got to experience it to believe it.

836 9th Ave New York, NY 10019 ‎ Hill Country Chicken A good old-fashioned country place attached to a barbecue joint, Hill Country Chicken has southern comforts like chicken-and-biscuits or fried chicken by-the-piece. Move over KFC, a more authentic spot has come to town.
Patiala Brings Slow-Cooked Comfort Food to Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen, NY -- short of visiting a Dhaba in India for authentic Punjabi fare, simply hop aboard a train to Penn Station for a trip to Patiala. Nestled comfortably along the hustle and bustle of 34th Street and 9th Avenue, Patiala is Hell's Kitchen's newest takeout restaurant offering home-style Punjabi cuisine that's big on flavor but small on price. Slow-cooked is the name of the game, but convenience reigns supreme -- the lightning quick service here ensures that little time is wasted not enjoying your food. But don’t let the fast lines fool you; the attention to quality and emphasis on both freshness and flavor is evident from the moment you walk in.

Top 5 NYE Parties in Hell's Kitchen & Times Square

Thirsting to be in the heart of the bright lights and bustle of Times Square this NYE? Here are 5 hot spots to consider hitting for your New Year’s party hopping agenda:

Stage 48

Hell’s Kitchen’s has a new, haute neighbor. Stage 48 that’s primed to premiere on NYCs hottest party night – New Year’s Eve. Ring in 2013 at this multi-use venue made for live concerts, night life fetes and crazy cool events. Built in the 1950s as a horse stable, this venue has been completely remodeled but maintains its vintage feel melding the design of old industrial architecture and modern, contemporary elements. A large horseshoe balcony overlooks the main floor showcasing excellent site view of the 34-foot wide stage. Several elevated VIP areas are located on both floors and a state of the art sound, lighting and video system promise an experience like no other. Expect a party and ambiance like no other found in NYC!

Just Call Room Service

What makes a Thai restaurant stand out? They’re scattered all over the city so no doubt everyone has their favorite and yet, if you haven’t been to Room Service then you need to experience what makes this place a real stand out.

Let’s start with the Room Service Pad Thai. The glass vermicelli with generous servings of mixed seafood and shrimp, are tossed with brown tofu, mango, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, wrapped up in an egg white crepe. The delicate parcel is presented with an oriental flower that brings to mind the welcome surprise of a quality chocolate covered mint on the pillow of your hotel room.

Recession Approved: Cheapest Happy Hours in NYC

Being a young barhopper in New York can be tough. Your friends who moved to Nashville call to tell you about their wild night, and here you are, plopping down your last 7 dollars on a pint of Rolling Rock. But fear not, draft hounds: justice comes to all in the form of happy hour. We've scoured the city for the best deals this side of South Dakota, and while the drinks may not be top shelf, at least your wallet won't be hung over the next morning.

Bourbon Street (407 Amsterdam Avenue)

A Vlada Fun

Everything about Vlada Bar—fittingly located on West 51st Street in Hell's Kitchen—guarantees kitschy, fabulous, fun times. With over twenty different in-house infused vodkas, New York's only 30-foot ice bar, tasty get-the-job-done food offerings and a list of always entertaining, oftentimes weird events that'll make your head spin as fast as the bartenders' tailor-made martinis, Vlada is a must-see for New Yorkers looking for a decidedly different bar experience.

Gordon Ramsey Gets Another Show

Of the upcoming project, Ramsey says, "These are stories that everyone can relate to because virtually all of us have had a bad hotel experience that's turned a holiday or business trip into a total disaster. It's time to put the hospitality industry to the test." We're not really sure why you would want to test people after you've had a "bad hotel experience," or, for that matter, why said experience makes anyone a quality expert. But, who cares, right? He yells! He's British! He'll go for it!

Hotel Hell does not yet have an air date but we'll post all news as we hear it.

The Little Cheese Hut that Could
Brian: As for the van, while I was working on the plan for what became Casellula, I bought a 1987 VW Vanagon and drove around the West Coast for a few months visiting cheese makers, wineries, breweries, farms and restaurants. It was a great way to do research. I love living out of a van [sic: he still has it] and would do it more often if I could get away. After learning a great deal about cheese while working as a waiter at Chanterelle and then running the cheese program at The Modern I decided that I wanted to open a small, casual, cheese-focused restaurant. I bought "Small Businesses For Dummies" and spent two and a half years learning, writing a business plan, raising money, finding a space and researching before getting Casellula built.