Foodie Gifts for the Foodie Mom

Moms are special people and even more special if they can cook! Our moms make our favorite meals on our birthdays, the perfect chicken soup when we’re sick, and she bakes the cookies that holidays wouldn’t be the same without. This Sunday is Mother’s Day, the day when moms all over the country get served breakfast in bed and you actually need to do your chores when asked the first time. So what’s the perfect present for the mom who loves to cook and has passed on her love of cooking, or just eating delicious foods, down to us? Here are five great ideas for the foodie mom in your life!

The Glass Greenhouse Lamp

It’s hard to make gardening a hobby in a big city. Tiny window sills are one of the only place a plant can get sun in an apartment, and that’s only if your apartment building allows it. Forget flowers, it’s nearly impossible to even nurture a few spices or a Chia pet. For the eco-savvy, those trying to save a few dollars, or those who love cool decoration, a solution has cropped up. “Glasshouse", created by designer Kristýna Pojerová, is a tiny green house for those without the space for one.

The pretty little orb also happens to double as a pendant lamp. The orb goes over a lightbulb, using its heat to create the humidity and light needed to support plant life. The opening in the center allows people to reach in to water and tend to herbs. It ventilates so that the plants air well and also allows for the light to pour through. The miniature green house makes use of heat waste from the lightbulb as well.

How To Make Your Own Herb Garden

Food just doesn’t taste the same without a little seasoning to gives it that “Iron Chef” touch. Any cook knows the best ingredients are fresh, so instead of reaching for that old spice rack create your own herb garden. Follow these easy steps to a fresher yummier meal.

The Fundamentals

Growing a garden may seem as a no-brainer, but it actually takes a lot of time, nurturing patience, and effort. First, start by planning out and deciding on the size and location of your garden. Do you want to have an outdoor garden, on your window sill or in one large pot? Whatever you decide just keep in mind the fundamentals water, soil, and sun- the most critical factors involved. Look for an area where your plants will get at least six hours of light each day. Herbs react better to areas that receive indirect sunlight with neutral to alkaline soil. All herbs will appreciate soil that drains well, but make sure to water them regularly and add natural fertilizer.