Warm Winter Cocktails Priced According to Temperature

The colder it gets, the less likely we are to go outside—it's only logical. But what if the price of your cocktails lowered with the temperature? For instance, if it's ten degrees outside, your drink would cost $10. And then if it's zero degrees, the price would be, dare I say it, free? Well the Bar at Clement is offering that exact deal until February 28th. The best part is that if it hits freezing temperatures, you will not only get a zero-cost drink, you will also get some complimentary petit-fours to honor your braving the crazy weather.

National Hot Buttered Rum Day!

Hot buttered rum is delicious, but it's the type of drink that makes you say "How on Earth was this invented?" Well, long story short, we have no idea. We do however, have some ideas. So make yourself the honorary drink of the day (see recipes below), sit back, and learn some history while you sip.

It all started in Europe. In the mid-16th century, Jamaica was captured by the British Royal Navy, which ultimately led to rum replacing bourbon for sailor's rations (and becoming popular across the pond). Around that time,17th century homes had terrible insulation, meaning winters were hella cold and the Europeans drank hot everything. Water quality was also shoddy, so alcohol was used to kill germs. Thus, hot rum cocktails were birthed. The most puzzling aspect was how butter got involved, which no one seems to know. The first recipe for hot buttered rum appears in the book Gun Club Drink Book by Charles Browne. We also don't know who thought of making it a national day, but we aren't complaining.

Happy National Hot Toddy Day!

Drink up you boozehounds, January 11 is National Hot Toddy day. If you're nursing a cold, feeling frigid in this chilly weather, or simply want to find a new cocktail, this drink is just the thing. It's traditionally mixed with whiskey, spices, and hot water. We've found places that serve a Hot Toddy the classic way, and also bars that add their own spin. If nothing there piques your interest, try making one at home—we've got the recipes!

299 Madison Avenue #14 New York, NY 10017

420 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10016

Word on the street is these guys make a mean Hot Toddy—you've just got to ask for one if you don't see it on the menu. Served with clove-studded lemon, tea, whiskey, and honey.

Drinks to Keep You Warm!

With this crazy cold weather we've been having, it's natural to want to bundle up and not leave the house. That being said, what better excuse is there to grab a cocktail? Liquid long-johns could be just the thing to thaw you out, especially if they're served warm. Here's a list of delicious hot drinks to sip in the city, (and on the chance that you absolutely refuse to leave your apartment, we've found some recipes for you too).

Whoever thought of putting these two things together is a genius. The winter classic gets spiked with stout beer, Jameson, and Bailey's Marshmallow for a rich treat. Order it for dessert. Or have it for dinner. No one could blame you.

The Redhead 349 E. 13th Street New York City, 10003

We Like It Hot: National Edition

Ah, the holidays have officially begun! Hot apple cider, pumpkin spiced anything and plenty of champagne shall be flowing in these next few months! With that said, we've rounded up some festive drinks from all over the country, for you to try in your own home. They are the perfect addition to any holiday dinner!

Jagertee (Served at Liason Capitol Hill, Washington DC)

1.5 oz. Blackwell Rum

1.5 oz. St.Elizabeth Allspice Dream

1.5 oz. Merlot

We Like It Hot

The best way to warm up this time of year is by heating up your insides with a delicious hot spiked bevy. We've rounded up the tastiest, most unique hot cocktails around the city for you to try out at home or at the bar, from hot ciders to teas to everything inbetween! Cheers!

Bourbon Cream (Served at KTCHN)

2 ½ oz. Old Forester bourbon

1 oz. heavy cream

½ oz. cinnamon syrup

Steamed hot and sprinkled with cinnamon, nutmeg, and raw sugar.