Inside the Dream Palace

In 2013, you can no longer obtain a room key to the legendary Chelsea Hotel. And let's face it, if you did, it wouldn't be very useful. But a new nonfiction book, Inside The Dream Palace: The Life and Times of New York’s Legendary Chelsea Hotel by Sherill Tippins is almost as good as holding a brass key in your hand to one of the largest and longest-lived artists’ communities established during the famous decades of the Chelsea Hotel's operation. Gossip, intrigue, passion, and creativity lie in the lines of Tippins' catchy prose, and chapters read like a literary Page Six rather than any type of dry history.

Ho(s)tel: The Freehand Miami Beach Goes Hostel Hipster Chic

A trendy hostel in the heart of Miami Beach --how has no one thought of this before?

Developer Andrew Zobler is the C.E.O. behind Sydell Group (responsible for bringing the Ace Hotel to New York) and is the man responsible for bringing huge changes in the way hospitality works to Miami Beach. Quoted as calling his new endeavor a “game-changer,” the Freehand Miami Beach is hospitality for a new generation of travelers.

Soho House to Expand Worldwide

Five months after Ron Burkle took over as chairman of the group, Soho House has announced the second phase of an expansion plan that includes the launching of five new 'houses' over the next five years. While that probably doesn’t mean they’ll relax admittance standards, it does mean existing members will be able to enjoy international homes away from home.

Yes, just like your neighborhood coffee chain, the new Soho House locations will, at its core, remain similar, yet take on an inspired look from their respected surroundings.

Summer Cool

No one embodies the art of kvetching quite as well as Woody Allen. Think back to "Manhattan"--Ike Davis bickering and complaining in every scene (while charmingly seducing both older and younger women). Having said this, no one is quite as New Yorky as Allen himself. To whine and bitch about everything is, in essence, to personify the city. Never being satisfied only makes you as New Yorker as it gets. And what's the city's favorite subject of dissatisfaction? The weather, of course.

New York Hotels For New Year's Eve
Exclusive Soho House arrives on SoBe

With the success of Soho House in London, New York, Los Angeles and Berlin, the members only club finally makes its way to South Beach. The almost "too exclusive" club, Soho Beach House, is located on site of the historic Sovereign hotel, which has been redesigned and expanded to include a 16-story oceanfront tower. The beach house boast 50 rooms, a screening snug, 2 pools, a beach club, as well as a Cecconi's restaurant and an "expansive Cowshed spa". The spa caters to guest with several treatment rooms, as well as an active floor overlooking the oceanfront where members can arrange for yoga classes or a personal trainer.

More Than Just A Place To Pass Out

There's already an innate sex appeal to hotels. In New York City, some of the best nightclubs in the world are encased in the most elegant and ornate hotels, offering a unique glimpse into the nightlife culture. Check out our top three picks for hotel nightclubs!

Where to Stay in NY for New Year’s Eve

When planning a trip to a new city like New York City it is always good to have a range of hotels with different prices that you can choose from, especially when it is for NYC New Years Eve. I discovered some great locations that won’t totally break your bank, when I came across a website called

In the $200 range somewhere around mid $200 my first pick is the Gershwin Hotel; this innovative hotel has a rich history! It is a place more for the creative customer, looking for something a little different. It’s on 7 East 27Th Street which could be a little bit of a trek to Time Square but then at least you won’t have to worry about the crowd around your hotel.