Belgian Chocolatiers Teach the Art of Easter Eggs Decorating

All next week, the Belgian chocolatiers at Neuhaus will teach classes on how to best decorate and enjoy chocolate eggs. And all this time you never realized you were doing it wrong! Neuhaus will provide each guest with a hand-made chocolate egg, which they can decorate with gianduja, a luxury hazelnut paste, and fill with one of Neuhaus' famous pralines, including black currant, coffee, and fleur de sel.

Guests will also be invited to learn about the history of Neuhaus, and then taste some of their best-selling chocolates. Bubbly will also be provided to wash down the delectables. Those who fall in love with the products can also pick up their many Easter-themed packages at a discount.

What: Egg Decorating at Neuhaus

When: Wednesday, April 16th, Thursday, April 17th, and Friday, April 18th from 7-9pm, and Saturday, April 19th from 12-2pm

Where: Neuhaus, 500 Madison Ave., New York, NY

The Official Release: Virgil's Barbecue Road Trip Cookbook

-Boston Butt, the Virgil’s Way - This rendition of pulled pork was even more tender and juicier than expected. While most pulled porks dry out quickly, this one was moist and packed with flavor, each shred of meat seeming to melt away as we ate.

-True Texas Brisket - Smoked for 13-15 hours and complete with a thick crust of aromatic spice rub, layers upon layers of flavor run throughout this perfectly delicate meat. It was suggested that we pair the brisket with Virgil’s Mild BBQ Sauce, which was a great suggestion indeed. The sauce clearly features a medley of pungent, spicy, and smoky ingredients, and when combined with the flavors of the rub, each and every one of those elements steps out to be enjoyed.


The algorithm on any food-interested Facebook user may have generated an ad for in recent weeks. The chef-designed meal service launched in October of 2012 and has backers behind the startup that include the co-Founder of Facebook.

Their mission is "to have as many people cooking as possible", as stated on Plated's background video. The perks of Plated appeal to busy New York life. Avoiding a visit to the store and worrying about how much of each ingredient to purchase allows busy professionals the time to cook meals.

Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month!

The month of April, already admired for its warmer temperatures and promising showers, also plays host to a very notable month long holiday—National Grilled Cheese Month. And whether you’re a fan of white American, brie, or even the traditional cheddar, you’ll be amazed by the many ways restaurants across NYC are dishing out in order to provide customers with the best grilled cheese sandwiches possible. Here are our Top restaurants which are serving up grilled cheese spin-offs for you to visit and enjoy this month:

Featuring a seasonal menu, this restaurant should definitely be the first stop on your sandwich adventure. The menu is almost completely made up of grilled cheese options, such as a breakfast sandwich of crispy pork belly, egg, Gouda, gruyere, and kewpie mayonnaise on a brioche bun or a classic Muenster and white American on peasant bread for lunch. But be warned, not all of the options are this standard. Those who love the taste of blue cheese can sink their teeth into the pear puree, stilton, toasted walnut, and sliced pear sandwich, or grab a protein booster and try a sharp white cheddar, avocado mash, lemon, and herbed kewpie mayo on peasant bread. With so many other options, there’s an opportunity for a person with any taste to find something to love, so bring your friends and take a trip downtown!

Today is National Spinach Day!

Now we’ve come to the life-talk part. Let’s be real, sometimes spinach doesn’t taste very good, and that’s probably why it has a little bit of a bad reputation. After all, overcooked bitter greens taste like sadness and those great attempts at “all natural energy drinks” usually result in a horrifically chunky concoction which we really don't want to talk about. Therefore, we dove into the kitchen and played around with some ideas until we produced two delicious recipes created for just you! Bring our green friend into your world, we promise it won’t bite.


Maker's Mark Tasting At Morton's The Steakhouse

Everyone has their drink of choice. Beer, vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, the list goes on and on. For some people, especially those with particularly patriotic sensibilities, drinking whiskey is their duty, and Maker's Mark has been more than happy to serve it's particular brand of bourbon to the American masses over the years. While it might seem like common knowledge to know that bourbon is in fact a type of whiskey, do you know what makes regular whiskey into a delicious bourbon like Maker's Mark? We were just as curious, so we decided to go straight to the source to get answers and attended a special Maker's Mark tasting event at Morton's The Steakhouse in downtown New York City.

How-To: Pat's King of Steaks Philadelphia Cheese Steak


  • 6 tablespoons soya bean oil
  • 1 large onion, sliced
  • 24 ounces sliced rib eye thinly sliced
  • 4 long rolls (bonus for Amoroso Baking Co. or Vilotti-Pisanelli)
  • Sweet green and red peppers, sauteed in oil (optional)
  • Mushrooms sauteed in oil (optional)
  • Cheez-Wiz
  • Ketchup

TIP: We learned to keep our martini glasses aside while playing with all of these ingredients! Oops, spillage.

Our How-To Guide To Choosing Healthy Foods


Hangover Prevention 101: St. Patty's Day Style

The first thing you should know before planning your St. Patrick's Day menu is that the stuff people normally consider bad for you is actually the best thing to prevent hangovers, meaning carbohydrates, fats, and dairy. What better combination of all three than pizza? While just about any topping will do, these cute Shamrock Pizza Squares have a distinctively Irish vibe to them, don't you think?

Convert one of Ireland's signature dishes into a prevention-friendly food with this Corned Beef Panini, which even includes wilted cabbage. The protein from the meat will provide energy needed to keep your drinking stamina up, while the muenster cheese's dairy will coat your stomach, slowing the rate at which you absorb alcohol.

Sweet Temptation

Every good meal ends with dessert. Many believe that making a dessert is a challenging engagement in the kitchen, but It does not have to be that way. Any dessert novice can step into the spotlight and have conquered them the first time round. It's a liberating experience. Any dessert will be a piece of cake (pardon the pun) So here are a couple of recipes to lose that fear of dessert preparation and to become acquainted with your sweet tooth.

To start off with, how about making some cupcakes, a great combination is lemon and raspberries and here is an easy recipe for you.