NYC's Hottest Hotels for Nightlife

1. The Hudson Hotel (356 W. 58th Street)- For starters, the Hudson has two venues within its walls which appeal to every type of party-goer. The first spot, Hudson Common, offers drinks and dining in a casual atmosphere with upbeat, hit music being played the entire time. With enough room to dance in the dining room and comfy couches by their decorative fireplace, you’re free to do as you choose in this wide, spacious room. Directly across the hall is their liquor bar, Henry. While Hudson Common has a sort of “create your own” dance floor, Henry has spots cleared throughout the area for guests to get down while they drink — and it looks like table service is on the menu! By ordering a bottle, you receive house-made sodas on the side to mix with your liquor, or you can try one of their signature cocktails. While this site is a little more upscale, there’s no reason to hold back and feel uncomfortable while having a good time.

Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month!

The month of April, already admired for its warmer temperatures and promising showers, also plays host to a very notable month long holiday—National Grilled Cheese Month. And whether you’re a fan of white American, brie, or even the traditional cheddar, you’ll be amazed by the many ways restaurants across NYC are dishing out in order to provide customers with the best grilled cheese sandwiches possible. Here are our Top restaurants which are serving up grilled cheese spin-offs for you to visit and enjoy this month:

Featuring a seasonal menu, this restaurant should definitely be the first stop on your sandwich adventure. The menu is almost completely made up of grilled cheese options, such as a breakfast sandwich of crispy pork belly, egg, Gouda, gruyere, and kewpie mayonnaise on a brioche bun or a classic Muenster and white American on peasant bread for lunch. But be warned, not all of the options are this standard. Those who love the taste of blue cheese can sink their teeth into the pear puree, stilton, toasted walnut, and sliced pear sandwich, or grab a protein booster and try a sharp white cheddar, avocado mash, lemon, and herbed kewpie mayo on peasant bread. With so many other options, there’s an opportunity for a person with any taste to find something to love, so bring your friends and take a trip downtown!

Get Your March Madness On
There is nothing like enjoying March Madness 2014 right here in NYC! The stakes are high, the fans are excited and the games are intense. Skip the party you wanted to throw at your house and instead enjoy good food, plenty of TV's and unbeatable drink specials, check out our round-up of great March Madness deals.

40/40 Club: 6 West 25th St.,New York, NY
40/40 Club is known for high class sports viewing. Round up a group of your friends and grab a table for any of the 16 games!
Fashion Week Food: Where to Go and What to Eat

The bulk of Fashion Week this year is taking place in the various venues of Lincoln Center (The Theatre, The Box, The Studio, The Tent, and The Stage), so Lincoln Square is a central focus for any Fashion Week attendees. The Upper West Side neighborhood has a history of high culture that has encouraged a thriving epicurian scene, so you won't be at a loss for choices. Here are some of our favorites.

141 W 69th St New York, NY 10023

356 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

Fabulous Foodie Events & Weekly Parties

Recently, Sauce launched weekly Monday night beer dinners that feature a five course tasting menu paired with beers from different breweries around the country. The menus will change each week through the spring. You can book your reservation by calling the restaurant. The beer dinners are $50/person with a two person minimum.

The Royalton Hotel's sophisticated lounge Forty Four has introduced a music series on Thursday evenings beginning at 8pm. There will be a different performance each week, ranging from jazz, R&B to opera and '60s classics. Enjoy cocktails and light bites as you enjoy the music.