Pennsylvania 6 Charms More Than Commuters

Pennsylvania 6 is a new hot spot parked right near Penn Station (go figure), giving commuters an alternative place to booze and dine. But it's so damn good that we have a feeling locals will be flocking here, too. Hailed as a cross between Oak Room and Oyster Bar, owner Chris Coco brought on Culinary Director Brian Cooke and Chef Scott Swiderski to oversee the creation of the menu. Executive Chef Humberto Leon (formerly of STK Downtown) serves patrons classic American cuisine such as beer braised short ribs and succulent organic roasted chicken. The menu also emphasizes the raw bar, which shells out fresh oysters and shellfish. Pair any dish with their out-of-this-world side dishes, like the sweet corn pudding, and prepare to be in heaven.

Spritz On: 5 Summer Friendly Colognes

In case you were unaware, you should know that there’s a world of difference between a fall/winter friendly fragrance and a spring/summer friendly fragrance. Your scent this season should be light and compelling rather than obnoxiously polluting the air in a five foot radius around you. To make sure you don’t become one of those sad individuals all alone at the club because of his poor cologne IQ, check out these 5 summer-friendly scents that were made to complement bikinis and margaritas.

Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport

3 Designer Comebacks to Get Excited About

In this business called fashion, designers will come and go; some get their 5 minutes of fame, while others are here to stay, and still there are those that have the creativity to start, and the tenacity to make a wow-worthy reappearance. We here at Joonbug have found a few of our favorites that have made names for themselves in the past, and come back to remind us why we loved them so much to begin with!

Manolo Blahnik’s kitten heels are back for this spring with stylish celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker making their rounds in NYC to collect as many pairs as they can get their hands on! Yes, Manolo Blahnik has grace us with the classic pointed toe heel presence for years, however, it has been a while since we have seen much from him and this season he’s coming back with a double whammy. His collaboration with J. Crew for Fall 2012 was definitely a great way to get back into the mix with the classic pumps in great fabrics. Next on the list is Hong Kong’s luxury retailer, Lane Crawford where vintage shoes by Manolo Blahnik that date all the way back to 1974 will be part of an exclusive collection at the retailer including his notorious Mondrian pumps, and lace-up booties.

Anna Wintour Reads Blogs, Has A Favorite Bar & Talks More FNO

It’s humorous to think of Vogue’s Anna Wintour reading Tavi’s blog, or any blog besides, at her desk every morning – or during a slow day at the office. But, in a recent interview, where Wintour chatted with Opening Ceremony’ Humberto Leon, about Fashion’s Night Out, she confesses to reading blogs, being disappointed her favorite sunglasses store was turned into a wine shop and says she owns an iPad. She admits to blog-cruising in a modest “of course I do” way, but as expected, directs her answer to Vogue’s online website. Even more shocking: we never have been the ones to imagine Anna as a drinker, in fact we thought she’d frown on anything that would get her loose, but she lists the Ritz as the best hotel bar. Interesting. Something we can now imagine her and Barack Obama doing frequently together.