Aloha Alcoholics! NYC's Best Tropical Bars: Part I

End your summer with a tropical bang...and not the kind Irene threw your way. Hit up some of the city's best tropical bars if you can't make it to the Hamptons or splurge on that last minute cruise. Here's a list of some of our favorites.

The Hurricane Club

Tropical themed bars can get a little cheesy...but this spot is heating up in all the right ways. Expect to find sophisticated decor with shell stone fireplaces, mosquito net curtains, and chandeliers. This Polynesian-inspired happening has cocktails a-plenty for the extremely parched. Served as a punch, or in your choice of coconut, melons, or red peppers, this place well deserves your lovin'.

Los Tweets de Bloomberg

When Mayor Bloomberg tried to caution local news viewers in Spanish this weekend, it turned into a bit of a fail. And as always, when someone famous fails, Twitter wins.

Meet Miguel Bloombito, a new Twitter presence who has been doling out advice in Spanish (sort of) since Saturday. With over 11,000 followers already, he's keeping the public informed AND amused.

Cuidado: the accent may be painful.

The Storm Has Passed, Time To Brunch.

It seems "The City That Never Sleeps" finally got a few hours of rest last night but awoke today with a sudden urge to brunch. In the wake of Hurricane (Tropical Storm) Irene, we have a list of all New York City venues that re-opened their doors today, currently taking orders for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

13th Step - 149 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003

5 Napkin Burger - 630 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10036 *Opening by 5pm

5 Napkin Burger - 2315 Broadway, New York, NY 10024 *Opening by 5pm

Blue Fin - 1567 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

East Village Tavern - 158 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009 *Opening at 5pm

Hurricane Irene Tracker: Preparing for the Storm

It’s going to be a busy weekend across the country. While the buzz around here is New York getting its first hurricane in about 100 years, the hurricane is set to hit a good portion of the East Coast. Those used to hurricanes and tropical storms can rest easy because they know the drill and are most likely prepared. Those of us who are a little new to the hurricane scene are...well, also resting a little easy, it seems.

Yes, a hurricane is on its way and while we should be checking on whether or not the areas we live in need to be evacuated, there are so many distractions. Steve Jobs has stepped down from his position with Apple. There are cool videos on the internet. An easy way to stay focused is a nice visual of what is happening. Thankfully, the New York Times has provided a really cool map depicting the storm’s course and how severe it should be when it reaches certain areas as they are updated on the storm. It’s a neat little tool to keep informed while prepping a “just in case” kit.