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Almost a year has passed since Hurricane Sandy ripped along the East Coast, taking hundreds of lives, destroying thousands of homes, and costing millions of dollars in damage. While many New Yorkers have moved on,the recovery process has been longer and more painful for those in more vulnurable communities. Such was the case for the residents of 22 Janet Lane in Breezy Point, New York.

Breezy Point made headlines when Hurricane Sandy reached New York--fires ravaged the area before floodwaters destroyed many homes, devastating the community. Fortunately, Breezy Point residents have not been without hope. Hub Home Improvements, a company with a reputation for excellent home repairs and refurbishments, and one of the largest home improvement companies in the Greater New York area, was already in Breezy Point performing repairs. When they recieved a distress call informing them that Janet Lane had sustained 4 feet of water damage, they promptly responded. They prioritized bringing the house back up to code while reinsulating it and replacing the damaged cabinetry. Three new windows were installed in addition to a new fireplace. The repairs were so thorough that it is possible that the value of the house may be even greater than it was before the storm.

Cake Boss Supports Rebuild Hoboken

Although, Hurricane Sandy seems like an event of the past, there are many communities that are still feeling the aftermath. Recently, Joonbug had the opportunity to attend the Rebuild Hoboken Gala and experienced first-hand how New Jersey residents come together in a positive and big way.

Rebuild Hoboken, a non-profit foundation, begun in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, held an upscale event at the W Hotel Hoboken to help raise funds for Hoboken residents who have not been able to achieve enough relief through other methods. Many portions of Hoboken, NJ were left without power and submerged under water. There were some families and businesses that literally lost everything they owned due to intense flood damage.

Shop with Purpose: Fashion for Sandy Relief

Judging by the media, the rest of the country may have all but forgotten about Hurricane Sandy , but the devastation left behind by the super storm is still fresh in the memory of most of the tri-state area as those affected begin to pick up the pieces. Just Friday night we learned Obama has formally asked Congress for $60.4 billion dollars in an effort to alleviate the suffering of so many who lost so much. Although helpful and necessary this relief package will barely put a dent in the total bill Sandy wracked up, and more installments are expected as damage continues to be assessed.

Sandy Relief at ilili

Ilili Restaurant, which was just rated the #1 Mediterranean Restaurant in NYC by OpenTable diners, is joining the Sandy cause On Sunday, December 9th, the restaurant will donate 10% of all dinner sales to the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance. Additionally, for the entire week, $1 of their signature Sandy Relief Cocktail will be donated to the same organization. The $15 cocktail is comprised of grapefruit, fresh mint, orange blossom simple syrup, with your choice of gin or vodka.

ilili is located at 236 5th Avenue. 212 683-2929

Do Good While Drinking & Getting Arty

And, the beat goes on…The destruction and heartache in the wake of Hurricane Sandy is still strongly evident and this week, bars and restaurants continue to toss events and corral the community together in effort to support Sandy relief. In the next few days, art, drink and mingle for the cause at these do-gooder happenings:

Monday, November 19th

Tonight, from 6-9 p.m., Foley Gallery presents #SANDY, a Fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts featuring iPhone photographs by renowned contemporary photographers. Photographs will be on sale for $50!
And, 100% of the revenue will be donated to Occupy Sandy and Alison Thompson's Rockaway Relief center run by Third Wave.

Foley Gallery Presents #SANDY

Curated by Jun Lee, photographers include Ben Lowy, Ed Kashi, Stephen Wilkes, Ruddy Roye, Wyatt Gallery, Hank Willis Thomas, Michael Christopher Brown, Craig Wetherby, Yosra El-Essawy, Sam Horine, Nicole Sweet, Dylan Chandler, Brent Bartley, Stanley Lumax, and Erica Simone.

RVSP here $10 donation at the door Foley Gallery is located at 97 Allen Street New York (212) 244-9081
Made in America

Manhattan Fashion Directory is a resource book for the fashion industry which highlights emerging and established designers and is written and edited by celebrity stylist Angelique Max. Recently, MFD launched a new issue featuring American-made designers throughout Manhattan. Their Made in America issue features exclusive interviews, collaborations, events, and tours surrounding the movement behind domestic design and production. Along with the new issue, MFD is now offering Made in America tours across Manhattan giving fashion enthusiasts a glimpse into the importance of buying American-made clothing, accessories, and more. The tour highlights local manufacturers and domestically sourced products, such as Nanette Lepore, 3x1, and Billy Reid. Tours range from one to four hours and includes copy of the Manhattan Fashion Directory (longer tours also include lunch). And it's not just for the ladies; there is a menswear tour, as well as plenty of listings within the directory specifically catered towards men.

Drink. Donate. Help Black Out Sandy

So many homes, small businesses, families and friends were devastated by Hurricane Sandy’s vicious winds, rain and flooding. Just one of the communities that was heavily tainted was NYC bar industry. In a city that’s so into food and drink, many of our beloved EV, LES and downtown bars and restaurants were forced to close their doors for over a week while some were sadly flooded.

Yet, in the spirit of resilience, the bar community has really come together since the storm to help with relief efforts. The USBG (United States Bartenders Guild) has spent many days helping to clean flooded restaurants and bars and have even hit devastated neighborhoods like Red Hook, Rockaways and Staten Island. And, many bars are opening up their doors to host fundraising benefits.

The Melting Pot: Hoboken

Recently, Joonbug decided to stop by the Melting Pot in Hoboken, NJ. Though the chain is pretty much iconic, this location is known for supporting the Hoboken community through things like Breast Cancer Awareness month events, hosting the Hoboken Comedy festival and hosting unique outdoor dining experiences (such as "dine with your dog"). We wanted to check in with them to see what's currently taking place!

As we entered the restaurant overlooking a glittering view of the Empire State Building across the Hudson river, we were greeted by a massive wall of delicious wines. The sleek and modern interior is a great place to find refuge from the hustle and bustle of the area. This restaurant is always infused with the tempting aromas of cheese and chocolate! Various menu options include Cheese Fondue (cheese fondue is made with unique and seasonal ingredients or your choice of any of their other flavorful cheeses); Salad (options include Caesar, Spinach Mushroom, California); Entrée (your choice of one of their showcased entrées includes a variety of steak, chicken and seafood accompanied by homemade dipping sauces and vegetables); Chocolate Fondue; consisting of white, chocolate, dark chocolate and assorted fruits such as strawberries and deserts to dip in the chocolate. Our favorite is the Ying & Yang dessert fondue which includes both white and dark chocolates (pictured below).

City Harvest to the Rescue

Sandy has been quite the bitch. Luckily, City Harvest has risen to the challenge, delivering fresh food to high-need locations across all five boroughs. It's lucky that the food hunger organization recently raised $1M at their Bid Against Hunger event. Over the last three days, the organization has delivered more than 400,000 pounds of food to areas such as Coney Island, Breezy Point, Rockaway, Park Slope, and lower Manhattan. “City Harvest is working closely with the city and our partners to identify areas with the greatest need, sourcing additional shelf-stable items and developing special food distributions,” said Jilly Stephens, City Harvest’s Executive Director. “There is an increased demand for food as the city slowly recovers from the devastation of storm Sandy, and we are filling our fleet of trucks with food for routes across the five boroughs to help our neighbors in need.”