Around the World with Miss Nine

Kristin Schrot, better known as "Miss Nine" has helped pave the way for female DJs everywhere. One of the first to ignite the model/DJ trend worldwide, Miss Nine is one charming, beautiful and talented package in demand everywhere from Seattle to Buenos Aires. When she’s not traveling the world playing the latest tracks from her own label 925 Digital, Miss Nine is busy being the ambassador for Levi’s Curve ID line and Plan International, a designer for the leather jacket brand Goosecraft and a spokesperson for Pioneer. When she’s running at full speed doing the aforementioned things, she’s listening to Michael Jackson and M83, running in forests and throwing down in the kitchen. Sorry fellas, but this fresh-faced beauty is taken.

Kaskade Headlines First 'Wet Wonderland' Event in Vegas

If you're reading this, chances are you're into the EDM scene. If that's the case, you most certainly know who Kaskade is. One of the original American DJs and producers from this most recent upsurge of dance music, Kaskade has been at it for years with a string of albums, more singles than can fit on this page and remixes of every great artist out there.

His first foray into the Billboard top ten was with his 2004 album In the Moment; but it would not be his last. A frequent occupier of the Hot Dance Club Play list, Kaskade has garnered interest in almost every country in the world, not to mention a huge following right here in the US.

Richard Durand vs The World..and You!

Internationally acclaimed DJ/Producer Richard Durand is well-known for his takes on the In Search of Sunrise album series through Black Hole Recordings. Now the EDM sensation is giving fans the opportunity to potentially have one of their very own tracks included on the North American installment of the worldwide artist album, Richard Durand vs. The World on Black Hole Recordings. The compilation will consist of 5 EPs, one for each continent around the world, respectfully paying homage to electronic dance music on a global scale.

Richard Durand vs. North America will showcase three different songs to represent the region, and here's where YOU fit in! One of the tracks will be composed by Richard Durand alone, another will feature an undisclosed notable North American artist, and the third track will feature the "winning" submission by a fan as voted for by the public!

Just Announced: Electric Zoo Phase 1 Lineup

Electric Zoo's Phase 1 Festival lineup has just been announced! Taking place Aug 31 - Sept 2 on Randall's Island here in NYC, this year's festival has THE biggest names in EDM. Check out the killer lineup that includes Pretty Lights, Above & Beyond, Laidback Luke, Hardwell, Martin Solveig, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, David Guetta, A-trak, and more. Get your tickets while you still can!

SBTRKT Gets Intense at Brooklyn Music Hall

You know a show is going to be good when you can hear the bass hits form down the block. And when I say hear, I mean you could FEEL them from a block away. That's what greets concert goers on a random Monday night in Brooklyn when the likes of Sepalcure and SBTRKT come to town.

Sepalcure opened the show, but were certainly just as anticipated as the main event. The duo, pumping out some of the most serious house music I've heard in a while, kept the crowd going for almost an hour. Both the main floor and balcony were completely packed, and unlike most concerts, even most dance concerts, there wasn't a single person just standing there. Everyone was groovin' and vibing on the crazy ups and downs Sepalcure were dishing out.

Introducing DJ John Hamilton

Meet John Hamilton – a 23 year-old DJ making his way through the ever-present dance music scene. He’s opened for the likes of Steve Aoki and TV Rock and most recently turned heads at The Belvedere Music Lounge at the W South Beach during Miami Music Week. Like most, I was there to check out the event and see the heavy hitter lineup that featured Sander Van Doorn, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Tiesto, among others. But it wasn’t Tiesto nor Sander that had everyone talking. Instead, it was Sacramento native John Hamilton that got everyone's attention. He has the stage presence that resembles some of the greats, a talented ear, an ambitious attitude, a humble personality and a great look - a lot of qualities that could potentially result in superstardom. I sat down with the NYU senior to find out how it all began and where it’s going.

Behind the Decks with Andy C

Known for his breakneck mixing and use of up to three turntables, Andy C has been one of the most distinguished DJs and producers on the D&B/jungle scene for decades. Not only has he received the Drum and Bass Arena Awards 'Best DJ' title two years in a row, he is also ranked #61 on DJ Magazine’s Top 100 list. We got a chance to chat with the busy DJ at Ultra in Miami. Read on to get a peek into his world!

Amanda Mesa: Why drum and bass?

Andy C: When I started out, there wasn’t drum and bass. I started out back in the days when it was kind of all mixed—pretty much like it is today. Acid house, then house was coming through…it was all one genre. The first tunes I was doing had house tempos. And then jungle and drum and bass kind of just spawned naturally and I veered that way…I’ve always been more break-beat orientated than four-four kick drums. And so it kind of organically grew over a number of years; it became drum and bass. And now we find ourselves in 2012 and it's kind of come full circle. All the genres are mixed up again, and everybody’s just enjoying music because they enjoy music. Everyone just enjoys having a party, and that’s good. It's not as tribal as it used to be, it used to be very tribal—‘I like one sound, I don’t want to hear anything else,’ whereas now everybody’s a bit more open-minded.

Organize Your Musical Life with TopDeeJays

Electronic music is unique in a number of ways, two of which are the unbelievable access and the community; both of which are largely facilitated by this thing called the internet. Artists from around the world are able to post news tracks or mixes and have them instantly viewed by thousands, if not millions, of people. This, however, creates a new problem. There is no one website where every artist you like posts their stuff. They all have a facebook, a twitter, a myspace (do they still use those?), a soundcloud, a bandcamp.... The list goes on and on, creating a decentralized and frankly confusing internet identity.

The Many Facets of Paper Diamond

After nine years of dominating the music industry, Alex Botwin is better than ever under the alias of his new electronic music project Paper Diamond. The 28-year-old producer snagged a prominent Ultra Music Festival set-time and used that hour to amaze the crowd with his high-energy dance tracks and intricately-layered, bass-filled beats.

The uber-success of his latest album release “Levitate” has put Paper Diamond on the map when it comes to electronic talent. As one of the most prominent DJs on the Pretty Lights Music label, Alex is making waves with his uniquely catchy tunes you just can’t help but sing along with.

Martin Solveig: Producer Extraordinaire, Famed DJ & Musical Enthusiast

The French producer sat down with Joonbug before Ultra Music Festival began on Friday to discuss his explosive rise to stardom, his new North American tour, and his favorite places to search for new talent.

Jaime Sloane: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to Joonbug, we’re all huge fans and we’re excited to hear what you have to say.

Martin Solveig: Thank you.

Jaime Sloane: Your performance at Ultra marks your second stop on your North American tour. How’s the experience been so far? And what differences have you noticed between touring in North America and touring in Europe?