Pippali Celebrates Diwali with a New Vegetarian Menu!

Since it’s opening in early October, Pippali has given the Indian cuisine market a new trendy look. Its fusion of traditional Indian flavors and modern concepts has made it stand out as a top contender in trend setting restaurants. Their tantalizing dishes blend sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors in delectable concoctions that will have your taste buds in for a treat. And now they’re kicking up their already delicious menu with their new all vegetarian menu in honor of Diwali.

Junoon Kills It with New Brunch Menu

Junoon, the highly regarded Indian restaurant in Chelsea, recently expanded their menu to include brunch. Indian food is known for its bold and spicy flavors, so apart from a Bloody Mary, you might be wondering how they manage to pull off a brunch as good as their lunch and dinner. Executive Chef Vikas Khanna wows all with his modern take on traditional Indian dishes and incorporating Indian versions of American classics.

Feel free to take your pick of dishes from Junoon's many choices of brunch fare, or smartly opt for the prix fixe, which includes an appetizer and main dish, along with unlimited Mimosas, Bloody Marys or Bellinis for just $35. Trust us, you'll leave the restaurant both full and with plenty of leftovers for later. To start, try their innovative Naan French Toast, served with house spice-infused maple syrup or the Indian-Style Masala Omelet, made with onions, garlic, chilies, and cilantro.

Spice Up Your LIfe: Mint Indian Restaurant

Open since December of 2007, Chef Gary Sikka serves authentic, regionally inspired Indian fare at Mint featuring an eclectic selection of classic dishes that have been updated with a refined, modern twist. Chef Gary showcases a variety of seafood and vegetarian options, which allows Mint to easily accommodate the dietary needs of any diner. Enjoy Chicken Seekh Kebabs and a plate of Jhinga Balchao, a Goan specialty made with shrimp and a spicy pickled sauce, in the stylish and sophisticated dining room. The dining room’s ambiance is enhanced by Mint’s chic furniture and design. Mint-colored leather and fabric upholstered banquettes and chairs accentuate the dark hardwood floors and furniture all of which are illuminated in romantic dim lighting produced by the custom made silk hanging red, fuchsia, and orange silk drum lamps.

Inside the 2nd Annual Varli Food Festival

During last Thursday’s second annual Varli Food Festival, 2,000 guests came to eat the finest Indian foods, drink Indian wines and beers, and, as one renowned and witty Indian chef mentioned, take an Indian cab home. The festival truly embraced the generosity of the Indian community, donating over 5,000 dollars to The Food Bank for New York City, and showed to unfamiliar guests just how complex and layered Indian cuisine actually is. It is NOT simply curry and chicken tikka masala with rice. Just as French cuisine cannot be lumped into a category as simply phrased as European food, Indian cuisine cannot be summed up into a single term because it is so regionally dynamic. Varli Magazine achieved their mission of “significantly rais[ing] awareness and appreciation for Indian cuisine around the world” by showing those new to the world of Indian cuisine the different blends of spices and cooking techniques used to create such diverse and flavorful dishes.

Celebrating the Release of Cookbook, My Husband is NOT a Vegetarian

Due to an overwhelming response, I have extended the special offers for cookbook, My Husband is NOT a Vegetarian. Before the cookbook release date, there were many phone calls and emails requesting information about the cookbook. I felt very humbled being that I just love to cook and promote healthy living while improving our planet. The outcome and buzz that I received was not, at all, anticipated, but was a major blessing.

The release of my cookbook is a little bitter sweet to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited with the outcome and the buzz of the cookbook, My Husband is NOT a Vegetarian, but the realization that there are personal stories of my life in this cookbook is a little unsettling. The bitter feeling is recognizing that many of my family and friends will be reading stories that have never been revealed. Some may be asking, why put stories into your cookbook that you do not want revealed? Well, being that this is my first cookbook, I wanted my readers to know my journey and understand who I am. I also want readers to feel connected to me as I would when reading about an author. The BIO in my cookbook was one of the hardest parts to write for reasons of fear of exposing my life. I tried to suppress information, but realized quickly that restraining certain information is just not going to work. So I wrote my BIO as it was intended to be written.