All Access Pass: TeamMate At Arlene's Grocery & Interview

Breaking up is hard to do, harder still when you've been with that person for ten years. After the split, most people want nothing to do with their exes, usually dreading accidentally running into them and having to strike up awkward conversation. So when we heard that drummer Dani Buncher and singer-keyboardist Scott Simons, better know as TeamMate, used to date but now make such sweet, sweet music together, we just had to know their secret. While the band was in New York City for their show at the famous Arlene's Grocery last week, TeamMate took some time to stop by and talk to us about themselves, their music, and our mutual obsession with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder.

W&W Talks About Their Past, Present & Future With Joonbug

When a colossal force like W&W hits the stage, you won't know what just hit you. Big room, high-octane sounds are a definite, but there's so much more to W&W's mystique. The duo hails from the Netherlands, the DJ capital of the world, and they have gained such an immense fanbase in just a short span of time. Their popularity can be attributed to the wildly successful tracks that they produce, which has caught the attention of Trance Goliath, Armin Van Burren, early on. Since their ASOT debut, W&W just can't seem to catch a break from the whirlwind of fame and success.

Like any great artist, W&W had their humble beginnings at local clubs and venues, only to find themselves taking full reign over leading festivals in no time. We got to find out some of W&W's earliest inspirations and the key behind their inexplicable ability to deliver only the highest quality of music to the fans.

Get To Know Major Lazer's Jillionaire

From his love of pizza to Lindsay Lohan on the decks, Jillionaire seems like the type of chill guy that everyone would want to work in the studio with. Ordering a ton of pizza while imagining dolphins on the horizons are just some of the quirky facts that were revealed in this interview. Get to know more about one-third of Major Lazer's Jillionaire by watching the interview below:

Interview With Gregori Klosman

French DJ and Producer, Gregori Klosman, is one of the hottest rising names in the House music scene. He saw a huge soar in his career after collaborating with Dirty Dutch frontman, Chuckie, and since then, he's appreciated the support from all the Klosmaniaks. Always producing the sickest dance tracks, Klosman doesn't skip a beat in the studio. We got to snag an exclusive interview with him tracing back to the roots of his career, to the burgeoning success he's receiving as of late. Check out our interview with this French badass who once banged on the decks so hard, his CD player fell down on the floor at a live show!

Nervo Q&A Live At Sundance 2014

Billboard had the chance to sit down with the Austrailian twin sisters, Mim and Liv, for a quick interview which revealed their future plans and their upcoming album. Always personable and super adorable, the sisters seemed excited to be present at Sundance 2014. Nervo was one of the featured musicians that performed at Park City Live, along with their colleague, Steve Aoki.

They revealed their monthly radio show with BBC Radio 1, Nervo Nation, where they can introduce their new tracks during the segment allowing for a more interactive show. Additionally, their new album is in its finishing touches and the sisters showed some apprehension on submitting their final edition of the album. Lastly, another collaboration with Steve Aoki is in the works for his album, so stay tuned for that. They've previously worked on a collaboration before with Afrojack on the track, 'We're All No One.'

You can watch the full interview below to view Nervo's bubbly personality:

Interview: Paul Oakenfold and Danny Howard

Few people are aware that global music icons Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules manage a young British producer by the name of Danny Howard. Even fewer are aware that Danny should have been on their watch list back in 2011, when he won the BBC Radio 1 "Superstar DJ" competition. It was then that he catapulted into the limelight and moved on to produce Billboard Dance hits like "Thundergod" with Futuristic Polar Bears (see below).

Meanwhile, Paul is in the midst of working on his forthcoming album, Pop Killer, and has just launched his Trance Mission USA tour. Scheduled to perform at Pacha that evening, Paul and Danny sat before us on a luxurious couch at the newly opened The William, an extended stay hotel in Midtown. Sitting in a room that resembled one's study, the space was vintage in nature due to its large windows, curtains and bookcases that decorated the dark room. The pair siped on hot tea that was steeping in white paper cups as they prepared for the ensuing 18-minute interview, which was just one of three that afternoon. This interview was split into two parts; in part one, Danny speaks about his goals and what it's like having Paul and Judge Jules as mentors. Part two is dedicated to Paul, in which he explains the concept behind his Trance Mission USA tour, his technique when it comes to producing covers, and his next album.

Nardwuar the Human Serviette Interviews Diplo

What happens when Canadian funnyman, Nardwuar the Human Serviette, interviews the hottest DJ in the EDM game? For one, a hilarious interview ensues, and two, you get a real feel for what Diplo went through as an up and coming DJ to the level of success that he has now. Not to mention, scoring an interview with Nardwuar says a whole lot about the artist's accomplishments. Nardwuar has interviewed all the big names in the music industry from Pharrell Williams to Nirvana and Iggy Pop to Drake.

Diplo didn't bat an eye when it came to Nardwuar's unconventional interviewing style. By pulling out vintage records from artists like Rotary Connection and DJ Magic Mike, Nardwuar was able to reveal a lot about Diplo's past and the music that influenced a lot of his style today. Diplo shares what the music scene was like for him growing up, referring to Miami Bass records and what the strip clubs in Florida were like, as he reminisced over old times before hitting it big with the career that he has amassed today.

Interview: Carnage

2013 has been more or less controversial for Carnage, who tweeted in May that he would be taking a different direction with his music. Entering the green room of DC's famed 9:30 Club, at least ten people stood around chatting, while the man himself was immediately spotted wearing a black Adidas track suit and sunglasses.

If there’s one thing that the carefree, Chipotle-loving DJ/producer has taught us, it’s that timing is everything. His “festival trap” remix of Hardwell’s “Spaceman” is largely the reason why he is so successful today, but had he released it just a year or two sooner, his career would have played out much differently. “I wouldn’t be here. It’s all about timing and getting your shit right. Knowing when to drop something. A lot of people lose their steam because they didn’t drop anything, or they dropped too much. It’s all about timing and finding a good team to work behind you.”

Interview: Psapp

If you fancy cake and delight in toys that make good noise (aka toytronica), allow us to introduce you to Psapp, the London-based experimental electronica duo, probably best known for the Grey's Anatomy theme song. Carim Classmann and Galia Durant, who recently released their fourth album, What Makes Us Glow, just confided in Joonbug about where they have been, what they have been up to, and what comes next...

Earlier this month you released your first LP in four years. What have you two been up to?