Ballin' On a Budget: Asian Style

We’ve all been there: you desperately want to enjoy a night out with friends, but are having trouble justifying buying dinner over this month’s Metrocard. Next time you’re searching for a great restaurant that won’t have you whipping out the credit card you “swore you wouldn’t use this month”, try the eastern-inspired fare at one of these restaurants:

Mission Chinese Food

There aren’t many ways to go wrong at this spectacular LES establishment, except for arriving any time after 6 pm. The only downside to Mission is the two hour wait, but as a New York dining aficionado, you know your taste buds will be thoroughly rewarded. A sibling of the San Francisco flagship by Executive Chef Danny Bowein, Mission is Bowein’s take on what he calls ‘Americanized Asian food’, and the result is a masterful wonderland of innovation.

Oodles of Noodles: The Top 5 Ramen Spots in NYC

For serious eaters both here and especially in Japan, ramen noodles are a religion. Here are our favorite spots that have gained some serious slurping traction.


When temps dip, we instantly crave noodles. And, when noodles pop into our heads, we almost always turn to Ippudo. The hip, East Village noodle joint serves up serious ramen like the Akamaru ramen, a bowl of noodles with red miso, black garlic oil, and ivory slices of Berkshire-pork. Ippudo always has a line, but it’s also always worth the wait.

Ippudo is located at 65 4th Avenue New York

Chill Out: NYC's Tastiest Cold Soup

If you’ve burned your mouth with soup enough times you’ll start to blow on your yogurt. It may be the only comfort food that soothes its own inflicted pain, giving a more literal meaning to the term bittersweet. Perhaps we should just avoid all the games and go for something just plain sweet—in temperament, not always taste. Cold soups are just as comforting as the hot ones, often times more so in the summertime. Here are a few places in New York City serving up tasty cold soups that with all the flavor and none of the unnecessary heat.