Jack Daniels To Launch Tribute Bottle To Frank Sinatra

Throughout his career, it would've been a rare occasion to see Frank Sinatra on stage without a glass of whiskey. The iconic singer is being tributed by the worlds biggest and popular whiskey brand, Jack Daniels, with a special label "Sinatra Select" ultra premium batch. Sinatra often reffered to JD as the "Nectar Of Gods" while toasting to his audience during his concerts.

The special whiskey is expected to sell for $150 per bottle at duty free shops along with high-end wine stores. The packaging will also feature a specially designed gift box and book about the relationship between Jack Daniel’s and Frank Sinatra.

Pirate Drinks for Labor Day

Hey, it's almost Labor Day weekend! Sure, pirates have NOTHING to do with Labor Day. In fact, it's the exact opposite, given they don't work, just pillage. But we found this extensive list of pirate drinks and it's cool regardless. So pirate drinks for Labor Day, because, why not!?

Thanks to Talk Like a Pirate for this incredible list. Arrrrrgggh matey!

Cap'n Barbossa:

8-12oz Green Apple Soda (Jones soda preferred)
1 shot of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
Lime peel
Cinnamon stick
Mix Green Apple Soda and Rum in a tall glass, garnish with cinnamon and lime peel. If cinnamon stick is not an option, add a small pinch of cinnamon to the drink

Bourbon, Beer, and Rock

So Marc is the rock guy, having worked in the music industry for years before making the move to hops therapist. “The Rev” is definitely the beer guy as he is able to tell a personal anecdote about each hand-selected beer on the menu. And Rob is the bourbon. If these guys were characters in an action movie, Rob would be the one that carries the giant knife, but in reality he’s the guy that seems most comfortable behind the bar. (He drank Jack and Cokes for years until one fateful night a bartender at Tramps gave him a crown and ginger instead, basically fueling his quest for new exciting spirits to drink.)