We've Found The Coolest Functional Cufflinks on the Internet

Even before the dawn of James Bond, Cufflinks have been the staple of the sharp dressed man. Considered to be one of the few pieces of “Men’s jewelry," the cufflink adds a debonair touch to an otherwise blasé formal shirt. Novelty cufflinks have been popularized over the last few decades, with men choosing from a variety of options to represent everything from their birthstones and favorite sports teams to their hobbies and occupations.

But recently, a new trend has emerged on the cufflink market: Functional Cufflinks. Functional cufflinks are fun, useful cufflinks that can fill everyday purposes, or just keep you discreetly occupied in board meetings. Here are the top ten functional cufflinks that will set you apart from your jeans without setting you apart from fun:

A Bulletproof Suit Even James Bond Would Envy

Thanks to Swiss company Suitart, there is now a full bulletproof suit on the market. This Diamond Armor, which proudly displays its title of “most expensive custom tailored suit in the world,” is made with over 1,500 black diamonds and comes with a 24 carat gold silk tie.

It combines bulletproof technology from Croshield with the tailoring skills of Suitart (who mainly make fabric suits that are sadly neither diamond nor armor) to produce a suit that is both elegant and can protect you from small ballistics.

Live Life Like a Spy

Did you know that James Bond has now been around for 50 years? It's true, and in order to celebrate, Apple Core Hotels are calling all double agents to visit them with their "Live and Let SPY" vacation package. The much anticipated release of the 23rd Bond film, Skyfall, is upon us, and because of the 50 years of Bond, this amazing package deal will be available for 50 days, from September 19th - November 9th.

NYC: Your Weekly Party Fix

When: 7pm

Where: Big Screen Plaza, 29th and 6th Avenue,Manhattan

When: 10pm

Where: Bishops and Barons, 243 East 14th St,Manhattan.

When: 9pm

Where: Sky Room Times Square, 330 West 40th St,Manhattan

When: 10pm – 4am

Where: XVI Lounge, 251 West 48th St. New York.

When: 10pm-4am

Where: Gansevoort Park Avenue. 420 Park Ave South, New York

When: 10pm

Where: Santos Party House. 96 Lafayette

When: 1pm-11pm

Where: Randall’sIslandPark

Kim Jong-il Dropping the Bass

This is pretty much the best thing we've seen all month. Jong-il was the center of many comedic skits, memes and parodies throughout his life, but this posthumous Tumblr is possibly the best of them all. Honoring Jong-il's lifelong dream of being hip and cool, in this blog he becomes the epitomy of cool: a DJ.

DJs, known for their globe-trotting, party rocking, groupie gathering lifestyles have become the new James Bond's of the current era. In this blogosphere masterpiece Jong-il finally makes it. Dropping bass next to DJ "Gods" such as David Guetta, Skrillex, Tiesto and Moby, Kim finally reaches the level of cool he was never able to achieve while he was alive.

Where to Find Extreme Fun In New York

With Turkey Day approaching, it's easy to become a preemptive couch potato. Chilly weather, television marathons, and the far-off smell of tryptophan make it all too tempting. But dust yourself off, pull on a sweater and get your endorphins flowing: there's fun to be had. High-speed, death-defying, thrill-inducing fun. And Joonbug, with its staff of accredited excitement guides, knows just the cure for those autumnal blues. The best part? All of these yips can be found in the New York metropolitan area.


Feeling bored? Static? Still? The simplest cure is to jump out of a plane. While there are no skydiving facilities in the five boroughs, a Zipcar trip puts you less than two hours away from the ride of a lifetime. Skydive Long Island offers some of the nicest views of New York -- the Atlantic Ocean, the Hamptons, and the Twin Forks -- from over two and half miles up. Newbies can get full service for $235, and experienced jumpers can pay $90 for an equipment rental before their $18 "hop and pop." For a first-timer, plan on spending about a half day at the airfield.

The Vesper

Remember when you got a bit thrown off when James Bond ordered something different from a martini in ‘Casino Royale’? Well, this is what he ordered! Actually, Ivar Bryce invented this cocktail, good friend of Ian Fleming; author and creator of the ‘James Bond’ character. Cool random fact right there for you guys.


1 tablespoon (1/2 ounce) Lillet Blanc

2 tablespoons (1 ounce) vodka

6 tablespoons (3 ounces) gin

The Gibson Martini

James Bond is great and all, but even he pales in comparison to this gin martini known as "The Gibson".


Black Shadow Martini

Black, velvety and full of distilled tenderness from rich molasses, this vodka martini is in fact the new definition for style and delicious drinking.


1 lemon wedge
Silver sanding sugar, as necessary.
1 shot ‘blavod’ black vodka


Take a medium plate and pour some of the silver sanding sugar on it, enough to cover the surface. Gently rub the lemon wedge around the edge of a martini glass and turn it up side down, placing the rim of the martini glass on top of the silver sanding sugar. Twist the glass around to make sure the entire rim gets covered with the sugar. Shake off the excess sugar.