Member of the Byrdgang May Be Flying Out the Coop

Max B, who is currently doing 75 years in prison on robbery and murder charges, may be getting bail courtesy of G-unit.

The Harlem Rapper was a co-writer on J.Cole's popular song 'We Fly High,' and has also had affiliation with The Diplomats including rappers, Jim Jones and Cam'Ron. Before the release of Max's debut album, Vigilante Season, he was sentenced in Bergen County Jail for related charges, including 9 of the 11 counts in the ongoing trial. He was granted an appeal with a new trial and a new lawyer on March 19, 2010. There hasn't been word about the case or the rapper until yesterday, when a very close source to the artist revealed his possible break from the pen.

Dipset together on stage on November 26

Those naughty kids are back together as you probably knew before. The meeting point is at Hammerstein Ballroom. Fans will see Jim Jones, Cam'ron, Juelz Santana and the whole Diplomats crew.

Here is the street single : Salute (produced by AraabMuzik)

Dr Dre should produce some songs of the next album.

Dipset at Hammerstein Ballroom on November 26 : tickets here.

DJ Vitale: From Brooklyn To Tokyo

Check out our exclusive interview with New York's DJ Vitale. As an international nightlife sensation, Vitale has played some of the hottest rooms in the world. From The Limelight and Palladium in New York to Feria in Tokyo, DJ Vitale has become a worldwide label and spins the best sounds from city to city. DJ Vitale sat down with us to talk about where he came from and where he is now.

What is the best party you have every played?

The Dolce & Gabbana party in South Korea. I was DJing for people who had no idea what the music was in the store in Seoul.

What is the craziest thing a fan has ever asked you?

To play Shakira during a house set. Oh, and there was the time that two girls asked to make out in the DJ booth while I was spinning at The Limelight.

Max B Facing Life Sentence
The New Philosophy

Model Talk

Okay. It’s true. Greenhouse, my latest haunt in Soho, opened with a lot of fanfare but probably opened a little late in the season, missing out on Diddy’s Election Day/ Birthday Party and not nearly in enough time to really get our grove before the holidays. But let me say, Greenhouse is now “the” NYC Hot Spot.

It hasn’t been easy. I won't get into the various inner sanctum minutia that drives me, and most that have integrity in this business, crazy, but I have other club owners call with threats about competing on “their” nights and “stealing promoters”. Crap like that from people with egos that are bigger than they should be. A sizable ego is a must for success in any industry but please… the bullshit from some in this business, as if any of us are the originators of the industry, is just showing your hand and highlights insecurities that wouldn’t otherwise be obvious. Well, not that obvious.

Let The Games Begin

Cipriani Upstairs

Thursday nights Fall re-opening was amazing! I had a hot little crew with me - Dovile Virsilaite, her best friend Kirsten and Russian model Guzel. Dovile and Kirsten joined me Upstairs after dinner and we got crazy. My associate “Slim” rolled in with Nima Yamini and took over a swath of the room with eight or nine models. I honestly couldn’t tell you who else was there. But a thank you to all that came to help celebrate - including Damon Dash, who holds meetings outside of Cipriani on an almost daily bases, hyped about his new #1 single.

Cam'ron - Crime Pays Album Review

History has shown us that as a declining empire crumbles in its last days, its ruling tyrant will often grow paranoid of the people around him, behave erratically and unpredictably, and lash out viciously. With the release of his newest album, Crime Pays, Cam’ron mirrors this trajectory- and it pays off.

He once rapped that they’d be ‘Dipset forever’ but his former Diplomat associates, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, have abandoned him, leaving the Harlem-based emcee to fend for himself. After this falling out, many had written Cam’ron off, but it looks like leaving the glitz of the Diplomats has freed him to truly express himself through grittier, grimier tracks, which are what his most loyal fans want to hear in the first place. The glossy Heatmakerz-style beats are gone, replaced by a more bleak, hollow production from Araabmuzik and Skitzo. Pitchfork criticized the album for having a “lonely, defensive, and vaguely desperate… vibe.” But far from being the album’s weakness, this is what makes it intriguing. The fact that there are few guest spots on the album is telling- a verse from 40 Cal here, a verse from the previously unheard of Bird Lady there, and that’s it. Cam’ron is stating that he doesn’t need any of his former cohorts to make a quality album or any big names like a T-Pain or Lil’ Wayne to sell albums.

Charmed Life

Diddy's Concept

I went to a meeting with Tim Martin at Martin Cadillac to discuss some future projects, and what does owner Matt Taylor tell me? GM has a deal with Diddy to develop a concept vehicle. Now that’s a good idea regarding a new marketing strategy. As we discuss the merits of the idea a secretary comes in and says they delivered the new vehicle. It’s a black on black Cadillac Escalade with a 32″ pop-up flat screen, reclining seats, a full bar in the front console, internet connections and computer links to the flat screen. It was PIMP!!!


Weekend Roundup

Cipriani Upstairs

I am a little off today. Mondays are always a bit sluggish. Sunday Nights are karaoke at Cipriani Downtown in the member’s club. Russell Simmons, who has a great sense of humor, and I chatted up two sisters from North Carolina - and the guy would not relent on the jokes. Russell came with his long time friend David Rosenberg. We are both shaved bald. David and I were sitting back to back - Russell pushes our heads together and asks, “What does this look like?” He answers, “Black and white ass cheeks."

Hysterical? No. But it's good to laugh at yourself sometimes. That and the fact that I’m younger and better looking than Russell ever was in his prime helps.

You Know Summer is Around the Corner…

In New York, there are a few things that mark the beginning of summer besides the obvious increase of degrees outside. Yesterday, NY based radio station Hot 97 announced their line up of artists scheduled to be performing this year at Summer Jam- an annual hip hop concert held at Giants stadium in New Jersey.

The concert, which is on June 7th, will be hosted by comedian and actor Tracy Morgan. As far as R & B artists, Mary J. Blige, T Pain, Pleasure P (lead singer from Pretty Ricky) and The Dream will sing their hearts out. Rappers Young Jeezy, Jadakiss, Juelz Santana and Jim Jones will also bless the stage. And last (but definitely not least) Mavado, Elephant Man and Serani will have the crowd dancing as they hold down the reggae portion of the evening. Of course, there will be more artists scheduled to perform, but the radio station likes to keep things under wraps until the concert is only days away.