Fashion Calendar
FALL 2010
Yeohlee: Time and Luxury

Inspired by Kazimir Malevich's "Black Circle," Yeohlee Teng presented her beautiful, geometric and constructivist Fall 2010 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Monday. Yeohlee's design philosophy always incorporates form, function, and art to create pieces that are simple in construction, but are very complex in appearance. Continuing her "Shape of Sound" motif of last season, Yeohlee added more texture and dimension to her presentation by accompanying it with a live saw musician in a surreal, artful, and unconventional soundtrack. This season, Yeohlee's collection was almost architectural with cylindrical pieces and structured coats, dresses, and pants. With sophisticated white, black, gold and grey, Yeohlee's cerebral collection is destined for popularity with self-assured, intellectual, and well travelled women worldwide.

Joonbug Hosts First Annual Fashion Week Gala

Joonbug hosted its First Annual Fashion Week Gala for STYLE 360 with Elle Magazine and last Saturday night at the Capitale Ballroom in Manhattan's premier SoHo District. Live performances by Fabolous, Pras from the Fugees, Charles Hamilton, Josh Madden and O'Neal McKnight came together under a rainbow ceiling of rotating lights and attracted a star-studded crowd of over 1,500. An open bar from nine to eleven sparked an evening of VIP and fashion industry entertainment with a rotating array of DJ's between live sets.

Interview: DJs Claudine DeSola and Micprobes Talk Music and Fashion

After 10 years of booking the hottest DJs for the hundreds of parties and events she has planned, Claudine DeSola's passion for music has manifested in an extraordinary way. We are lucky enough to host Claudine DeSola's first DJ Performance at Joonbug's Fashion Week Gala, this Saturday, February 13th. There, she will present her fashion inspired playlist, which she comprised by asking top designers such as YEOHLEE and Adam Lippes, what music sparks their creativity when designing their collection. Claudine's exclusive 30 minute set called "Inspiration Played" will appear on and after its premiere at Joonbug's Fashion Week Party.

Josh Madden Interview

Brother of the Madden twins in Good Charlotte, Josh Madden has
completely defined his own path in the rock-influenced art world. A
designer at heart, and overall good guy, Josh has become a force in the
influential underground design and DJ worlds of New York.

AC: Has music always been a part of your life?

JM: Yes, growing up my mom was always singing, she has an incredible voice.
I will always remember my father sitting at the piano singing and
playing Animals tunes and Stevie Wonder. I started piano lessons at a
young age and my brothers bought me my first acoustic guitar when we
were teenagers. I was slated to sing the National Anthem and my "Class
Song" at my high school graduation, until I failed a class...
whah-whuhh. I'm glad I didn't, that might have been the pinnacle of my
music life, haha. I'm nothing special as a musician, but I'm a great
song writer and an intuitive producer.
P.S. I graduated from summer school holding down two jobs and put myself
though college...slayed it.

AC: When was your first DJ'ing gig? If you can remember.

JM: My first gig was at the invitation of my friend Sarah Lewitinn
(Ultragrrrl), I played a set with James Iha (one of the nicest guys on
the planet). I remember we all used CDJ's. Sarah is fun to watch DJ and
to DJ with... someone get her on the phone, bring her out of retirement.
She needs to throw a party again.

AC: Have you created, or considered putting together, an album or
collaborating on one?

JM: I'm working on remixes, a hand full of different songs I like from new
artists with a rad producer named David Patillo. This guy is so
proficient with every instrument he touches and I dream up these
arrangements, we work well together. We've done a bunch under the name
TRUE BLUE, they're going up on-line a little at a time here.

I did a fun little project with Buffalo Bill called CODE NAME PILOT. If
you google it the tracks come up in different places. That was a couple
of years ago.

I also executive produced a record with the help of my big brother and
Junior Sanchez, Greatest_Remixes. That was fun, I worked on the art direction and stuff.

AC: Did you know that turntables were going to be your instrument of
choice early on or was it an evolution?

JM: No.

AC: For all your success in the DJ scene, and it can be an exciting and
lucrative one once you've become established, you strike me as more of a
designer/artist than as a DJ, would you say that's true?

JM: Yes. Well, I think styling, design, DJing, all of that depends so much on
reading people, knowing and satisfying their taste. Maybe showing them
something new, mixing in something they've loved for years... but in the
end it all depends on knowing them.

AC: What bands have you been touring with recently?

JM: Touring with? Well I spend a lot of time with bands. You know the band
Gallows? I love those guys! They are so rad. I wanna go out with my
friends Freelance Whales... I told them I'd sell merch for them. I get
to see Reni Lane a lot, I've probably seen her a dozen times. Edward
Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
, I've probably seen them more than most
people... I'm fortunate, I travel and I see bands play when I'm out of
town or in town, wherever I go... I mean, people play music every night.

AC: You're something of a celebrity DJ, frequently DJ'ing Hollywood parties
and major brand functions. Would you prefer to do more shows just for
the music?

Reigning Princess of the DJ Booth: Lindsay Luv

Boston native turned NYC turntable goddess, Lindsay Luv, definitely rocks the music scene with her 80’s-esque revival beats and eclectic mix of electro/house, rock, old school hip-hop and electro mash-ups.

What can be said of the doting spinner? With Red Bull Vodka in hand and a patent leather designer DJ bag, the humorous Luv is sure to charm you with her effervescent wit; with a slight dash of Courtney Love plus or minus the psychotic parts… all jokes aside, when it comes down to it, Luv does know what she is doing.