Robbie Rivera Talks Juicy Music, The Evolution of Dance Music, and Proper DJ Protocol

When talking about the prolific DJ/producer Robbie Rivera, it is hard to ignore his undeniable ability to amaze crowds in multiple ways. Boasting an uncanny ability to dabble in multiple sound spectrums, from the more big room style of electro house to the more tribal sounds of the underground, Rivera is one of dance music's most experienced talents. Over the years, Robbie has accumulated a release resume that is beyond impressive. Since his career's beginning, Rivera has been featured on many industry leading imprints such as Virgin, Strictly Rhythm, Atlantic, Ministry Of Sound as well as his own successful label Juicy Music. Following the start of Juicy, Rivera expanded his brand into a mega marathon event called Juicy Beach. Year after year, Miam's Nikki Beach becomes swarmed for over 15 hours as Rivera's creation features some of his favorite talents from throughout the world. Amidst a time in which a DJ/producer must truly push the edge to remain relevant, Rivera has relentlessly succeeded in doing so for years. Luckily for our avid Juicy fans out there, Joonbug was able to sit down with Robbie prior to his set at New York City's megaclub Pacha. For those of you who think that old dogs can't learn new tricks, prepare to be surprised. There is still much to be seen and heard from this DJ legend. Find out more in our chat with Robbie below!