Kick off Thanksgiving with a night out

Thanksgiving is literally hours away. A marathon long weekend of family, food and giving thanks is what’s in store for us. But before you start thinking of turkeys, stuffing and stuffing yourself, treat yourself to a night out with friends. Here are some of the best Thanksgiving Eve parties in New York.

The always-stylish Hudson Hotel gives you the option of three different and unique party areas. Hudson Bar is an opulent space with a glass floor lit from beneath and a hand painted ceiling. It’s the perfect spot for people-watching. For a more laid-back atmosphere, consider Hudson Hall where you can grab a drink and take a seat at one of the communal tables. And to warm up, head for the Library where you can have your drink next to the fireplace.

Promoter Profilin': Zach

From Columbus, Ohio to the Big Apple, Zach is here to change the image of the typical promoter. I met Zach randomly (as I do most people) on a Saturday night at my favorite all night eatery Coffee Shop. And from my first experience partying with him at the Grand Opening of Amnesia on a frosty Winter night, I knew he was my type of guy. Zach keeps it real and is all about r-e-s-p-e-c-t having a good time.

Here's more about this Cowtwon native.

The Kardashians Start A Cat Fight At Juliet

It's been less than a couple weeks and already the Kardashian sisters are stirring up some trouble in NYC. According to sources, a man approached Kim asking to take a picture with her while the clan was out at Juliet nightclub. Unfortunately for her, the man had a significant other who became extremely jealous when she thought she saw her man flirting with the beautiful Kim. She grabbed her cocktail and chucked it in Kim’s direction. The honorable Scott Disick attempted to come to the rescue by trying to keep the girl away. Khloe was the real hero though when she grabbed the girl and shoved her away from her beloved Kimmy.

The best part about this story? Amidst all the commotion Khloe’s wedding ring fell off and went missing. It was retrieved shortly after though and the sisters all left the club directly after the incident. Now, now girls. Don’t cry over spilled vodka!

New York and D.C. Are Just the Beginning: DJ George Garcia

Beneath the curved brim of DJ George Garcia's beige hat and above his modestly low-cut t-shirt and half-zipped coat beams something that you can see plain as day from the dance floor of any club as you peer towards the DJ booth, or even in a low-key conversation here in the Joonbug offices: A smile. "You’ll never not see a smile on my face," he boasts. "That’s how I was raised."

Coming from a boisterous Spanish family and background, Garcia has always been involved in parties and family gatherings, and, frankly, always around a crowd of people. "I plug in my music and my dad jumps up and starts dancing and grabbing people out of the crowd," he explained about a family gathering, which usually turns "from dinners to parties" fairly quickly. His upbringing, too, led him to experience all types of music, from Spanish to Greek to heavily drum-influenced tunes, which, in turn, allowed him to pick up the snare drum in the high school band.

Kirill Takes Over Cannes

[Photo: Kirill, DJ Mateo, DJ Sinatra, Hayden Panettiere]

Kirill Bichutsky has captured one-of-a kind, inimitable moments at NYC hot spots such as The Eldridge, SL, Marquee,, Juliet, RDV, Goldbar, and any other place you can dare think of. NY is not just the only area that has tasted the brilliance of Kirill Was Here. He has changed the lives of party animals in LA, Miami, Boston, and DC with one push of a button.

However, this was not enough for the flashing phenom. It was time to take action and move international. Kirill broke borders and made his way across the ocean. He headed down to the south of France where he invaded the one and only, Cannes Film Festival.

Joonbug & Juliet Team Up for Love Thursdays

Just when most of you told yourselves that you will not go out on Thursdays ever again, Joonbug and Juliet Supper Club have come together to organize a new and even better reason why you should.

Starting this Thursday and every Thursday from now on, We are saying: F*** You Fridays, Love Thursdays. To sum it all up, we're just going to party hard after work from 5-11PM every Thursday.

Joonbug being known for its parties and Juliet being known for the hotspot location for the parties, we can never feel disappointed. I mean, what can go wrong when you have FOOD & DRINK SPECIALS ALL NIGHT!!! $30 pitchers of sangria, margaritas, and mojitos flowing throughout the night along with free appetizers being passed out.

I'm sorry we had to do this to you, but we all know it will be worth it. See you tomorrow night at Juliet!