A Dress' Greatest Rival: The Jumpsuit

As the holidays approach us our minds become wrapped around the usual; eggnog, gift shopping, office parties, and how many pieces of fruit cake will I put away? Before you go shopping around for the perfect holiday dress, consider a jumpsuit instead. Yes. That’s right, jumpsuits are not reserved exclusively for summer. Many of our favorite designers have just the right jumpsuit to flatter your figure and leave room for comfort. Whether you’re attending a special occasion or ringing in the New Year with friends these select five will suit just about any event.

Boleros, Jumpsuits, & the 23-Skidoo

It has been a week at least that we've gone without giving you guys any insight into our latest obsessions. Of course we have them. Aside from LV Duffels and anything Jack Spade related, Boleros come to the forefront of our minds. These staple jackets run from plain to extravagant little beauties like the one we found at Cheap Jack's Vintage Clothing (which of course must remain un-photographed).

Obsession # 2: The almighty, game-changing jumpsuit. For some reason this onesy is something almost inescapable from adding to any wardrobe. Whether you're rail thin or a big girl in the "Big Apple" this piece is the priceless staple this spring! You can find them at H&M for $19.99 or if you just have to go vintage, I again reference New York's own vintage vault: Cheap Jack's Vintage Clothing.

The Vault of Vintage

Upon meeting Mona Markus (of Cheap Jack’s Vintage Clothing), and asking her to tell us a little bit about the place: She gives us our first lesson.

Cheap Jack’s is a Vintage Clothing store, not a thrift shop. She explains to us that thrift shops and the like are stores in which people go to either to discard of or purchase used, mint-conditioned store bought items, usually dating back no further than a decade or so (if that). Vintage however is a totally different animal all together. Cheap Jack’s wardrobe inventory boasts a heavily accumulated selection of authentic, time specific, pieces dating as far back as the 1800’s.

The Runaways: It's Gettin' Hot

Detailing the ups and downs during the brief success of an all-girl rock band in the 1970s, The Runaways offers a look into the ambition, hardships and volatility of being a female rocker in time when men ruled the stage.

The movie zooms in on the behind-the-scenes drama that both propelled and destroyed the band's short-lived celebrity. Pair lead singer Cherie Currie's (Dakota Fanning) broken home upbringing with Joan Jett's (Kristen Stewart) tough-as-leather demeanor, add three precocious California girls - Lita Ford (Scout Taylor-Compton), Sandy West (Stella Maeve), and Jackie Fox (who did not lend her name to the script, but who Alia Shawkat's character is based on) - and sprinkle it with a dose of overbearing crazy from their over-the-top manager, Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon) and what do we get? A pack of eager, under-aged, parentless vixens out to devour fame, experiment with drugs and alcohol, blur the lines of sexuality, and bask in warmth of their rise to the top. And for a while, the girls succeed in their dream of being the first alleged all-girl rock band - garnering press, fans, and record deals and following in the footsteps of their idols. But excess and greed prove to be the accelerants for their cherry bomb as fighting, drug abuse, and exploitive tactics from their manager eventually result in The Runaways' fall from rock and roll grace. Based on the book by Currie, the movie (produced by Jett and directed by Floria Sigismondi) is a history-rich, fast-paced glimpse into the lives of the women that paved the way for future female rockers.