Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Spotted In Miami

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel is one celebrity couple that we rarely see in public together. They don't walk red carpets together, do interviews, or attend premiers. Jessica just presented at The Oscars without Justin by her side. However, this week has been a romantic week for the couple while in Miami.

The two lovers were spotted at Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge last night. After Justin's concert, they arrived at the lounge around 1:20am with over 20 people in their entourage. They ordered a bottle and enjoyed performances by Brazilian dancers. Sources even claim Jessica took pictures of the dancers. Cavalli stayed open until 3 am for the celebrities and they reportedly left a hefty tip for their server before ending the night.

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Album Review: Pharell - G I R L

From the first note of G I R L’s opening track, ‘Marilyn Monroe,’ the orchestral strings consume the listener and its drop and sets the tone for what is a very sonically cinematic album. Pharell’s knack for creating danceable records is on full display on the record, and from open to close Williams makes you want to get on your feet and get down unabashedly. The highly anticipated collaboration with superstar Justin Timberlake entitled, ‘Brand New,’ follows, and the frequent collaborators shine as the duo’s duet shows off the chemistry that has spawned multiple hit records over the past decade. In comparison to Pharell’s debut ‘In My Mind’ the sound on G I R L is much more defined, and the lyrical content is more consistent and relatable and displays Pharell’s personal evolution, along with his artistic growth.

Stream: Pharell - 'G I R L' (Full Album)

The last year has been very kind to Pharell Williams, and as he prepares to release his first album in nearly eight years, G I R L, the 'Happy' hit maker is offering a free, advanced stream of his new album via iTunes Radio. The 10-track album is star-studded with guest appearances from Daft Punk and Alicia Keys, along with pop royals Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus. Stream 'G I R L' here and be sure to grab your copy on March 3rd!

Happy 33rd Birthday, Justin Timberlake!

A lot of people just underestimate JT's star credential. It's easy to fall into the abyss of nothingness after a meaningful boy band career from the late 90's--just look at his fellow 'N Sync members. Unlike his boyband peers, JT was able to break free of the mold, shed the cookie-cutter image, and prove his musical genius through breakout hits and unparalleled performances.

  • In 1993 and 1994, he was cast alongside future pop stars Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, JC Chasez and even Ryan Gosling for the now defunct tv show, The Mickey Mouse Club.
  • From 1995 - 2002, JT enjoyed a successful run with the members of 'N Sync. He was the lead singer along with JC Chasez. Some of their most notable tracks as a boy band included songs like, 'Bye Bye Bye,' 'It's Gonna Be Me,' and 'This I Promise You,' all from their groundbreakingly successful, No Strongs Attached, album released in 2001.
  • In 2002, 'N Sync disbanded for good, and there was an alleged rumor that JT's own rising fame had something to do with it. It's like JT always had this radiating star power from within, and well, we're glad he decided to pursue his own budding career in music and film. This guy obviously had talent.
  • Shortly after, 21 year old JT came out with his own solo album, Justified, which radiated a lot of charisma and sex appeal. This is where his hit single, 'Cry Me A River' originated from, granting his first of many Grammy Awards.
  • From 2004 - 2007, JT really took off. From his now notorious Super Bowl XXXVIII performance with Janet Jackson, to his second studio album, Future Sex/Love Sounds, JT really found his groove. He even got a shot at an acting career, landing roles in Alpha Dog, Shrek the Third, Black Snake Moan and Southland Tales. Songs like 'Sexy Back' and 'What Comes Around Goes Around' were all from his second studio album which saw immediate success. He also won two Grammy Awards in 2007.
  • From 2007 to 2012 his own music career took a step back, but that didn't stop him from making music. For the most part, he worked on a lot more collaborations with other artists during this time. In 2009, he was featured alongside Ciara on her hit single, 'Love Sex Magic' and their duet stirred lots of attention. It even became a Grammy nominated tune under 'Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.' But during this time, he started to gain increasingly more recognition for his good looks.
  • Some of these accolades included: the 'Sexiest Man' titles by Cosmopolitan and Teen People magazine. It wasn't just the ladies who appreciated him, GQ named him the 'Most Stylish Man in America' in 2009.
  • From 2010 - 2011, JT appeared in more films like The Social Network, Bad Teacher, Friends With Benefits and In Time.
  • In 2012 he went back to the studio to work on his third studio album, The 20/20 Experience. On March 15, 2013, the album dropped to critical acclaim. Responsible for producing songs like, 'Suit & Tie' and 'Mirrors,' this album won JT two more Grammy's to add to his collection. His collaboration with Jay Z on 'Holy Grail' also debuted in 2013, giving JT's career another boost in the same year. He was featured again on the cover of GQ as part of the 'Men Of The Year 2013' issue.
Zedd Replaces Justin Timberlake As The New Face of Bud Light Platinum

We all knew that it was coming; that the inevitable fate of EDM was going to permeate into our mainstream culture. In light of this, Billboard announced earlier this week that Zedd has officially replaced Justin Timberlake as the new face of Bud Light Platinum.

This is tremendous news considering that the amount of attention that these commericals will attract in the upcoming events is going to be nothing short of being massive. Beer campaigns are huge in garnering major exposure, especially within the 15 secs framework of a commercial. And better yet, Bud Light Platinum's new campaign dubbed 'Turn Up Your Night' after Zedd's original song, 'Find You,' will debut this weekend during the 56th Annual Grammy Award on January 26th.

Rolling Stone Features An Infographic Breaking Down Music In 2013

Here are some of the things we can gather from this visual chart:

1. Streaming music online trumps music sales, plummeting music sales overall by 6%. Thanks to the many vices that we have on the internet today like SoundCloud, Spotify and Pandora, streaming music has never been easier!

2. As the popularity of streaming music soars, this could have translated into a $59 million industry in album sales. A huge bummer for record labels.

4. The top streamed song of 2013 was Baauer's now iconic 'Harlem Shake.' With all the hundreds of 'Harlem Shake' renditions and parodies scattered around the internet, you go Baauer!

Candyland's Freebie Week!

In celebration of announcing their upcoming and cleverly titled 'KILLER FRO' tour with Kill Paris, as well as a new residency at Marquee in Las Vegas, Ethan and Josie aka Candyland decided to give away a new track every day for the next five days for free. The first freebie, available today, is a real OG remix of the hauntingly beautiful Butch Clancy track, 'Russian Lullaby,' that lurks in the void between Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Trap that Candyland always seems so comfortable in.

Inside Llewyn Davis: Review

Inside Llewyn Davis, the latest installment in the Coen Brother's canon, depicts a time and place that not even the most hardcore Dylan fans will recognize. Stripped of its nostaglia and mystique, Greenwich Village is an entirely different character, filled with cramped, cheap apartments, cluttered coffeehouses, and the litter of broken dreams. Most music biopics tell a fast and loose story a young man crooning tunes in the studio and then belting them out in front of screaming fans before succumbing to heroin. Llewyn Davis takes a different approach, using a minimalist style to convey the stark realities of the starving artist.

The Best Dressed at the 2013 AMA's

Besides the epic performances and awards, one of our favorite parts of awards shows is the fashion! Some celebrities really called on their inner fashion gods and goddesses last night. And some just well... didn't. Take a look at some our favorite celebrities who got it right and rocked the red carpet at the 2013 American Music Awards last night.

Miley Cyrus

She didn't rock a dress adorned with Biggie and Tupac's face this time around (although she did wear a 2 piece get up adorned with cats during her performance). Miley decided to keep it classy at this award's show and she strolled down the red carpet in a simple Versace pantsuit.