D.C. Weekend Roundup, November 21-24 2013

Thursday, November 21st

Kanye West's first solo tour in five years is coming to Washington D.C. this Thursday, and if you like Yeezus, you'd best head over to the Verizon Center and catch him while he's around. Floor is General Admission (standing, no seats), and tickets are still available here. The show starts at 7:30, so get there early.

601 F Street NW, Washington, DC

This week's Mute Thursday at Lima Lounge will host dubstep/garage artist Kastle. His bass-heavy music have earned him a considerable amount of buzz: among other things, the track "Stay Forever" from his eponymous EP reached iTunes Top 10 Best Electronic Songs of 2012. Thursday night's set is part of his first North American live tour, on the heels of his highly anticipated debut album, KASTLE, which dropped on April 23rd. Doors are at 10PM, and tickets are available here.

Jay Z and Kanye West album tour dates this fall

With both of their collosul albums being released this summer, rap gods Kanye West and Jay Z are about to embark on seperate tours to promote these releases. The duo toured together two years ago when they dropped their collaboration album, Watch The Throne, and now have announced their seperate tours on the same day. Some things are just better in twos.

Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail tour will launch in Europe for 15 shows, and then come back to the states for a 33 city tour. Tickets go on sale September 12 on Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Below are the American tour dates.

Kanye West, Lou Reed to Headline UR1 in Miami

When early December descends upon us, yes we remember that the holidays are just around the corner, but music and art lovers alike have their own little holiday to anticipate: Miami Art Basel. In 2011, there was a record attendance of 50,000 (up from 40,000 just one year earlier) so it's clear that the annual exhibition is flourishing. The roster of music fueled events that hit Miami each year are adding up and it's no surprise that a new music festival is in the works to correspond with Art Basel. Alex Omes and Emi Guerra of GO BIG Productions are adding yet another musical force to their agenda with the introduction of the first annual UR1 Music Festival in Miami.

UR1 will take place on December 8 and 9, in Bayfront Park, Downtown Miami.

"Ghetto Dreams" by Common featuring Nas

Last week, JoonBug reported that Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label signed with Def Jam, and thereafter rap veteran Common left Ye’s roster and inked a new recording deal with Warner Bros. This past weekend a new single from Common’s forthcoming LP (The Dreamer, the Believer) called ‘Ghetto Dreams,” featuring Nas hit the web and naturally dominated blogospheres and social media outlets throughout the world.

Possible Kim And Kanye Collaboration

Kim Kardashian has reportedly been working in the studio with producer The Dream, with a lot of additional time spent with Kanye West. Thoughts are that the two are planning a collaboration, and so far all we know is that Kim would be a honored to collaborate with him!

Seems the Kardashians also see more in Kanye than just his musical masterpieces. By blessing their New York Dash store, Kanye became somewhat of a fashion muse to the television personalities.

Whatever the case may be, Kim's still single right? So is this a collaboration or her next chance at love?

Debut of Ye's Runaway

Kanye West is making a powerful comeback! On Saturday night, he released his short film, 'Runaway' to satisfy his fans until November when 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' is released.

'Runaway' opens up to Kanye running on an abandoned road while Nicki Minaj narrates the story (with a great accent I might add). The video also stars Selita Ebanks. The very gorgeous model plays a phoenix that was once Kanye's girlfriend.

The 30 minute clip gives audiences a preview of some of the songs on the album. West has also released new songs every Friday for the past month or so.

Mr. West never fails to impress!

Hip-Hop’s hottest new collaboration: Justin Bieber and Kanye West

How surprised can we be, though? This is Kanye West, the most radically media-conscious celebrity we’ve ever met! Let’s face it, the man knows how to drum up publicity- good or bad (but then again, there’s no such thing as bad publicity). So it should come as no surprise that after his still untitled album drops on November 16, he and Bieber the Boy Wonder will lay down some tracks with The Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon. Do you think West and Bieber decided this backstage at a concert? Shook hands at a press conference? Bumped into each other at a club? No, the partnership was formed on Twitter. They tweeted (twote?) each other expressing mutual admiration, and here we are.

The details as to what the three artists will come up with are still murky, but it is clear that it’s going to happen. Justin Bieber feat. Kanye West feat. Raekwon. What do you think?

Secrets From The DJ Booth

It’s 8:02pm, I’m walking into the grand and beautiful entrance of Salon Millesime as my phone starts to ring (I have an oldschool Jay-Z track as my ringer btw). I pick it up and it’s the manager at Millesime and he is wondering where I am. Hmm, I told him I was walking in as we speak. I’m a pretty punctual person and I was quite surprised that he was concerned about two minutes. It’s all good, however, because this manager happens to be very hot, and he can scold me for as long as he wants.

Within 5 minutes, I was all set up and ready to go. The DJ booth is on the stage in the center of the room. It stands next to a shiny, black grand Steinway piano. The room is this impressive and luxurious space and I kind of feel like I’m on the set of a Francis Ford Coppola film. I’m just waiting for a young Al Pacino to walk in and wink at me.

Elisa Chills With Khayree: Part 1

To say mainstream Hip-Hop has become redundant is more than an understatement. At a time when one-hit wonders, dance crazes and predictable lyrics monopolize the Hip-Hop scene, finding a rapper like Khayree Kushington is not unlike finding a needle in a haystack. "There's a lot of watered down nonsense out there. However there's still plenty of artists preserving what's real. Anyone who says Hip-Hop is dead, isn't listening to the right music". I normally wouldn't take serious music advice from someone younger than me, but at the age of 21, Khayree already has nine years of professional experience under his belt. At the tender age of 13, Khayree received court approval to sign with Jive Records, making history in Washington D.C. as the first minor permitted to sign to a major Label.